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Relevance of using Facebook to promote your business

Mark’s brainchild is hitting all the right chords. From what was meant to be a platform for friends to interact with each other, to becoming a booming medium for social media and digital marketing, Facebook has indeed come a long way. In 2017, you might as well be a self-proclaimed outcast if you are not on Facebook.

Facebook today, is every digital marketers dream. One can access Facebook through facebook.com or the Facebook app. Over the years, both the website and the app has gone through multiple updates, and every time an update comes through, it has only WOW-ed us! Facebook today is one of the largest social media platforms that helps connect people with each other and helps businesses grow. The simple website is now a means for web development companies and designing companies to target each other as well.


Recent studies point out that the most ecommerce sites garner most of their sales through social media platforms; the most effective of them all being Facebook.

Why does your business need Facebook at all?

  • It is cost effective!

Be it a start-up or a large multi-billion dollar company, you do not really need a big cheque to start a Facebook Page. You can go totally organic. Going organic though, will only take you so far. If you decide to go organic, you will have to make sure the content displayed and the level of engagement of your page is top notch. A poorly worded Facebook page will garner no results.

  • Global audience

Yes, and No! Having a Facebook page does not guarantee a large audience. However, the content displayed, the level of engagement, the level of page activity determines if you will have a large audience. It works as simple as this: when a follower likes something that you shared on your page (post: video, picture, article), the follower might share the same post on his/her wall. That way your post will reach an audience far more than you can imagine.

  • Viral Marketing

Sometimes, all it takes is just one post. One then shares that post, and then another shares it, and then another, and so on. Viral marketing can take you up the ladder in no time, but remember this pitfall–it can bring you all the way down in no time as well. So yes, tread carefully! You have to make sure you are doing the right thing by sharing the right post. The good side to this is that the business can fulfil the task of creating brand awareness. A well-known brand will gain even more prominence through viral marketing.

Facebook’s Camera Effects platform and its Virtual Reality App, Facebook Spaces are the latest additions to the list of features. The effect of Pokémon Go last year, created a buzz so huge that marketers were convinced that a form of marketing through virtual reality would be a hit. And with the launch of Facebook Spaces, a marketer’s task has just become simple. The viral effect this has created is tremendous and it is only right that marketers get the best out of it.

  • Instant Communication

This is the advantage of social media. One of the most important aspects of being on social media is to be able to communicate immediately, in real time. It is simply important to leverage the dominance of instant communication because it results in a faster, more pictorial, hands-on way to drive the customer base to the central focal point of marketing. Customer support relies on instant communication. An online platform ensures customers that they would get a response to their queries soon.

Facebook Live is a way of live streaming and broadcasting a video to followers. This way one can get to be somewhere or, attend something, they are not able to in person. A business can launch a new product and the customer can see the launch of the product, live. The businessman can get real time feedback of the product during the launch. He can also judge if the product would do well taking a cue from the customer reactions.

  • Beating Competition through ads and analytics

Facebook Ads help you position your product-ads in your followers news feed, thus increasing visibility. Facebook collects user data and it can target advertisements to those customers who might most likely be interested in using your product. This is not the organic way of promoting your page, but it works, tremendously. Facebook’s ad result prediction determines if the post would garner the actual results the marketer expected. Having a Facebook page not only helps you manage content, it also helps you get to look at what your competitor is up to most of the time. Having a sneak peek at your competitor’s strategy will help you in many ways:

  • You can counter every move your competitor makes 
  • You can improve your strategy 
  • You can find out why your competitor has/doesn’t have, as many followers as you 

Dynamic Ads on Facebook help marketers create ads based on a user’s browsing history. Facebook’s new and improved marketing analytics feature keeps a tab on everything a customer does. A marketer can track a page interaction and also identify if the content on the page led the customer to view the product on the website. A graphical depiction of customer interactions and post reactions help the marketer manage the content posted on the page.

  • Develop a loyal follower/customer base

The ultimate aim is to develop a loyal customer base. It all depends on the content you use to market your product, the level of information your post contains, your ability to engage with your customer at any point in time, and the product itself (of course) determines the loyal follower base.

No matter what your product is, Facebook is vital for digital marketing. It has helped garner sales in volumes larger than any other social media platform. Facebook keeps every marketer grounded. They are always in touch with reality through their followers/customers. This cost effective social media platform with the ability to each audiences globally, has and will always be a boon to every marketer.


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