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11 Hidden Features of iOS 11 that you are still unaware

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Along with new design and augmented reality support, Apple has also added some key changes in the settings with iOS 11. In case you're still rejecting pop-ups from applications requesting reviews or writing your Wi-Fi password, you're not living the best life. 

From recording your FaceTime calls to silently speaking with Siri, here are some concealed iOS highlights worth attempting: 

  • Add the button you want to the control center

This is a one among the key changes in iOS 11. You can tweak the icons you want to show up in the Control Center. You can also include shortcut buttons for services like screen recording, voice reminders, and the magnifier tool. 

  • Share your complicated Wi-Fi key 

IOS 11 has a quick way to share your secret password. When somebody is using the same Wi-Fi network and your iphone is on, you'll get a notification. By tapping "send a password," they can jump on the network without having to physically enter complicated passwords like "Sup3rs3cr3tp@$$1984." This lone works with devices running on iOS 11 or mac OS High Sierra - and when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on. 

  • Utilize the camera to scan QR Codes 

It's somewhat late to the party, yet Apple has added QR support to its mobile phones. Switch on the camera and point it to a QR code and a pop-up notification will offer to open it in Safari. QR codes have been around for quite a long time and are for the most part utilized for marketing purposes - or they have particular uses inside third-party applications like Snapchat. 

  • Prevent applications from asking for reviews 

In the event that you don’t like the pop-up from apps requesting that you leave a review, you can actually stop them forever. Go to Settings, trailed by iTunes and App Store. Finally, tap the switch for In-App Ratings and Reviews.

  • Take Live Photos of video calls 

Apple has launched a proprietary image format where you can take a Live Photo of somebody amid a FaceTime call, you'll have to press the white button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Both the participants should need devices running in iOS 11 and Live Photos turned on for it to work. The other individual will get a notification on the same activity. 
You can keep somebody from taking Live Photos of you by turning off the choice in settings. However, they can even now utilize screen recording amid a call. 

  • Type inquiries for Siri and attempt an alternative Dark Mode 

This new accessibility highlight, expected for individuals who aren't ready to speak with Siri, gives you a chance to type your inquiries and demands. But, if you turn it on, Siri will never again work with voice recognition.
Other new accessibility highlights include Smart Invert, which swaps colors so backgrounds get darker and content gets lighter, by leaving components like pictures untouched. It can be utilized as a temporary "Dark Mode," making your screen less demanding on the eyes. 

  • Save webpages as PDFs 

Apple has made some key changes in Safari, where you can choose the share button at the base of the screen and scroll it to one side until the point that you find the Create PDF option. The following screen will demonstrate a little marker icon in the upper right corner. Tap and begin annotating. 

  • Start composing notes on an iPad

At the point when motivation hits, you would prefer not to lose time unlocking your iPad and opening the Notes application. If you tap the Apple Pencil on the iPad's screen, you can start composing a note immediately. It's one of the various changes intended to make note-taking less demanding on the iPad, including making handwritten words accessible as if you had typed them. 

  • Doodle on screenshots 

Presently when you take a screenshot (Power catch + Home catch), it will show up as a thumbnail in the base corner of your screen. Tap to start marking it up and afterwards send it off to a companion or save it to your camera roll.

  • Make Live Photos accomplish more 

In the event that you swipe up on a Live Photo, a new menu shows up with alternatives to include some quite routine impacts. Long Exposure utilizes the frame capture to make a photograph that seems as though it had a comparatively slow shutter speed. As long as you are playing with pictures, look at the refreshed photo filters. 

  • Messages Tricks 

In the last iOS update, Apple added a lot of highlights to Messages like stickers and inflatables. You can tap around to see which of your current applications have Messages stickers and combinations. There are likewise two new activity impacts, spotlight and echo. Spotlight darkens everything except for puts a splendid light on your most recent text. 
As an iOS app development company, We hope that you have gained some key insights you were unaware of. To know more about such technology related business requirements, be in touch with us.

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