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ICT Survey Solution for the Information Technology Authority of Oman

An Arab Gulf country in the Middle East, Oman has a population of 3.1 million. According to UN 2008 report, Oman has 12.22 Internet per 100 users, 5.06 PC per 100 users, 69.6 Cellular subscribers per 100 users, 10.65 main telephone lines, and 0.58 broadband per 100 users. Oman has a Web Index of 0.4849 and ranked 52 in the world, an Infrastructure Index of 0.1559, Human Capital Index 0.7659, and e-Government Index of 0.4691. Oman has an e-participation index of 0.2045 and rank 60 among the world.

It is at the bottom of the list of the GCC countries appearing on most of the above mentioned ICT indicator indices. Realizing the importance of ICT for the economic development of the country, Oman's government has placed a great emphasis upon creating a digital economy as key drivers for the sustainable growth of the country.

Client's Challenge

The government of Oman has taken various measures to diversify the economy for sustainable development of the country and one of the major steps is to transform Oman into a digital society.

One of them was taken up by the Information Technology Authority (ITA), to compile comprehensive and up-to-date statistics on the use of information communication technology, across the Sultanate of Oman.

Solution Overview

To record Survey details with a predefined questionnaire, from multiple persons. Such recorded data should be made available for edit/delete if required. User can later synchronize the recorded data with the database located in hosting server. Also defined and ensured are a set of rules for data validation, business rules and integrity checks which the data should pass through.

Through the survey, ITA aims to test the usability of the data collection and smart devices used to collect the data, the effectiveness of the questionnaire, the reasons for not responding, and the best time to conduct the survey (morning or evening) and also to make sure that all survey standards are applied before going to the field.


It has been successfully launched on the 30th of June, 2013. Across the 11 governorates of the Sultanate, about 11,000 randomly selected urban and rural Omani households have been targeted.

Compared to the traditional methods, it is evaluated to be the one of the finest mobile solution and first of its kind for ITA Oman. Its prolific features include synchronizing the survey to central server.

The information gathered will help decision makers in implementing the e-Oman strategy to enhance it. The results will also help Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and communication operators to improve internet coverage across the Sultanate.

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