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Android App Development Services

We are a renowned Mobile application development company in India having proficient developers for Android App Development that deliver awesome Android apps.

Android has become world-wide popular and ideal choice for users due to its flexibility, adaptability and ease of usage. 

Android being one of the fastest emerging operating system among smartphone devices, android app development has gained a wide popularity in the app development industry. It has multiple versions and they consist of huge number of resolutions for screen. There are millions of users for Android world-wide. Our Android App development services follow the best in class Android architectural standards and helps in Android application development across various platforms such as Android phone, tablets, Android TV etc. 

Mindster is a renowned Mobile application development company in India that offers professional android app development services. Our professional team of Android App developers assure to provide our customers with innovative apps with their skills for design, development, testing and deployment of Android Apps. They have an added expertise in Push Notifications, FireBase APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Location Based Service/Google Map APIs, Android Security Architecture and other latest technologies.

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Our main areas of focus

All you need to provide is your willingness for android app development and we will make sure to provide you the unique ones.

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    Understanding the client’s requirements and building an android app that suites them the best

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    Giving proper guidance in providing options that can further ease the life of the customer.

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    Proper support for your Android app development ideas from back-end to front-end.

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    Building innovative ideas.

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    Attractive Design and User Experience.

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    Quality Assurance.

Mindster can lead you through various stages of Mobile App Development

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    Creation and porting of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

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    Distribution to Mobile App stores, handling the process from the initial stage till the final stage.

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    Expertise with Phone gap development for cross platform deployment.

Android App Design

We at Mindster scrutinizes each and every Android device that customers prefer to use.

The world of mobile market is increasing tremendously day by day. There are hundreds of Android devices in the market and it is really essential to design an android app that can be compatible with all types of screen size devices. We design apps as per our client’s requirements and ensure that they love the design delivered to them. Our dedicated team of UI/UX designers create stunning designs in Android Apps.

Benefits of a good design in Android App

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    An app with a good design always turns a normal or loyal user to an end customer

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    Elegant designs for app helps the users to identify their requirements easily

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    An attractive design can increase the users for an app as the sharing of app increases

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    Cost can be significantly reduced if there is an engaging app design

How we create Attractive App Design?

An attractive design is very essential for an Android App. When the app is designed with stunning colours and ideas, the number of users to download the app increases and the popularity of the app shows a steady increase in the market.

  • We perfrom android app designing keeping the customer’s requirements in mind so that the interface is clear and simple.
  • Build user-friendly android apps
  • UI&UX design are created to make the specific users engaged to your app
  • Icons must be perfectly accurate

Why Choose us for Android App Development?

We at Mindster analyses, design, develop, test and deliver our android app development services as per your requirements.

  • Maintains confidentiality in all your information
  • Better understanding of your android app development idea
  • Analysis of essential requirements for app
  • Expert team of developers
  • Mobile apps are reliable and user-friendly
  • Speedy Solution through latest android app development technologies