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How to Handle Your App Development Budget Effectively?

It was revealed in a recent survey that 76% of the people who utilize the internet make use of mobile apps. We can no longer ignore the fact, how far mobile apps have made an impact on our daily life. Nowadays, organizations are also concentrating more on enterprise-based mobile apps as it can churn more revenue than expected. Organizations require money to develop such mobile apps since they need to pay for the developers and furthermore need resources to test and market the app.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Mobile application development is one of the most promising industry in the world that has led to the existence of more than 5 million mobile applications. Apple's AppStore has about 4 million iOS apps when compared to Google’s 4.5 million Android apps. In order to bring this huge numbers into a reality, there is a plethora of the best mobile app developers globally who are skilled in developing user-friendly mobile apps. 

Why Mobile Apps are important for your Business

Nowadays, it’s common that everyone uses smartphones for their day to day activity. The significance and influence of mobile phones in our daily life and activities can’t be denied. Mobile phones have transformed from an ordinary communication device to a major point of attention for individuals and business alike due to their characteristic features. All this is a result of the progress in technology and access to high speed internet. All this was possible through innovation in the mobile app development.

5 Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools For 2018

Mobile application development is a booming industry with new applications and use cases coming each passing day. However, it isn't just the use cases that are increasing but also the tools accessible for developers to develop these applications. In the earlier days, we had no other choice but to code an app from the scratch for each platform. At present, we can utilize cross-platform mobile application development tools that provide the same functionality as that of native apps.

6 Misconception you should be aware of in Android App Development

We all are aware of this era of smartphone and mobile apps, as they are at the peak of their respective platform. The mobile technology, specifically, has been progressing at a brisk pace. There are applications for every kind of purposes. Mobile applications have given us an ability to control almost everything. There's been a surge in the number of mobile app development company and individual mobile app developers, all hoping to make a fortune through their services. 

5 Checkpoints to Consider while Creating a Ride-sharing App

For startups who have set their mind to invest in developing a ride-sharing app, then below are 5 key takeaways which can be beneficial for you in the long run of business. 
The term taxi dispatch has become the most recent trend in the last few years with the growth of taxi businesses like Uber and Lyft. Many startups have also involved in the business by creating apps similar to Uber. In addition, there is no need for even the slightest doubt whether the ride-hailing trend will boom or not. 

White Label Taxi App v/s Custom-Built App. Which Should you Choose?

Many taxi service providers are looking to promote their businesses through mobile apps even as Uber is conquering new countries and regions. High demand within the regional markets is motivating owners of the taxi business worldwide to look for companies that promise quick development to market and as a result of most of the times, they end up with software development agencies that sell, out the box solutions for so-called white label apps.

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