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6 Misconception you should be aware of in Android App Development

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We all are aware of this era of smartphone and mobile apps, as they are at the peak of their respective platform. The mobile technology, specifically, has been progressing at a brisk pace. There are applications for every kind of purposes. Mobile applications have given us an ability to control almost everything. There's been a surge in the number of mobile app development company and individual mobile app developers, all hoping to make a fortune through their services. 

Requirements for Android App Development 

If we discuss the applications, they have a long voyage to cover so as to achieve the end-users. It requires time and considerations to build up an app. An application development includes cost and labor. An Android application development requires a Java SDK, Android Studio, Native and other libraries. Other than these essential requirements, some other standard tools has become vital if the application to be developed is a gaming app.

How are Apps Changing our Lives? 

Mobile applications are changing our way of life in a bunch of ways. There are mobile applications for relatively every purpose. Nowadays, people tend to start and end their days relying on the mobile applications. Applications are currently involved in transport, shopping, construction, work, banking, health and many more. That is clear sign that our lives are highly influenced by the mobile applications. There are still more areas that mobile apps need to enter however there is a high possibility to believe it won't be long until that will happen. Every day new thoughts are given life with mobile apps.


This blog investigates the regularly held misinterpretations about the Android App Development. Generally, the perspectives of the people outside the industry are false and they can negatively affect the fate of Android applications. This blog is an attempt to address such confusions and uncover the established truths. 

1.    Android requires lesser cost & efforts than iOS 

The most widely recognized myth is that since Android is open source, anyone can make a Mobile application without much trouble. It’s true that Android is open source yet this does not make application development easy. There are many Android gadgets in the market and managing even a single UI on every one of these gadgets needs a lot of efforts. It’s not entirely true that each Android application requires less cost. An Android app with high-end features and functionality can raise the cost of development much higher. 

2.    Once an app is launched, development is no longer needed 

Development isn't required once the application is pushed into Play Store is one of the greatest myths about Android applications. An application isn't done with its launch. Each application needs persistent improvement and maintenance to remain solid in the market. So the application should be constantly examined for any bug issues, new features, and support. 

3.    The idea is enough to start app development 

It is a fact that, not just in Android but almost every other application can be successful only if they have a unique idea. However, the key thing is that your idea won't work if it isn’t practical. Prior to the execution of any idea, it's very critical to have a feasibility check and thereafter finds out the time and asset necessities. You additionally need to cross-check whether the idea you are going to deploy is worth attempting. An intensive market-analysis must be conducted to decide the capability of your idea. So overall, it's a long procedure to develop an app from the scratch.

4.    Only some apps need marketing 

Generally, we tend to imagine that if an application's idea is a good one, the application will sell itself which is another delusion. Each application needs showcasing to build the purchaser selection and offering rates. Advertising is the key element for the success of any application. To beat different applications in a similar class and with equivalent functionality, the marketing can turn out to be a game changer for you. 

5.    Earning can begin instantly with downloads 

Another common myth is that once the application is in the Play Store, the earning will begin in a split second. That is not the fact. Downloads won't direct in cash unless the app user pays you for using the application. 

6.    Native development makes app development easier and solves all issues 

Native development makes the application smooth. But, it isn't possible to use it in all situations. Actually, everything relies on the requirements and not all needs fit in Native. There are a few functionalities that need be developed in cross-platform. Even though Cross-Platform offers almost the same experience as Native, the user needs to trade off on some features.

Therefore, these are probably the most fundamental and common myths about Android application development. However, the fact of the matter is that these misconceptions affect the development of the application. User and business owners should have a clear vision of such myths so that an effective and profitable app can be launched in the market.

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