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7 Key Strategies to keep your App users Engaged

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2018 has been great so far and the time ahead will be all the more intense and maybe challenging. The Mobile App Development industry is going through a transformational phase, wherein, the application development and designing are experiencing brisk changes. 

Fulfilling the needs of the end user is getting harder, yet the most difficult part is to hold your customers and keep them intrigued by the application. Based on a research, it was recently revealed that 77% of the clients don't bother to return back to the application 72 hours after it’s installation.

As of now, we should know why client maintenance is important keeping in mind the revenue of the company. You will be glad to know 5% increase in client base will expand your profitability by 75%.

Now, let’s further examine some of the helpful and suitable strategies that will gain more end users and continue rolling the existing ones. 

  • Successfully Targeting the Target Customers 

The main methodology to drive your users to your application is adequately focusing on the clients. This is the primary rule for any business. You need to essentially concentrate on applying your sharp marketing skills that fit inside their persona. What you can do is make individual profiles of your target customers in which you can add details related to their preferences. 

The persona would normally contain their names, gender, age, location, area of interest, the platform they use (regardless of whether iOS or Android) and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

Experts say that creating personas will help extensively in making your marketing assignments simpler. 

  • Winning the Battle in First Impression 

As the proverb says, "First Impression is the Best Impression" and this goes perfectly with app development industry where the competition is getting harder every passing day. In such a situation, it is really important to grab the attention of the users from the very beginning. 

The UI and UX of your mobile application have an important role to play. It should be noted that both UI and UX are entirely different, however, they should be compatible with each other; in short, the UI of your application should match with the UX. 

Another possible thing you can do is to include the features that draw the attention of the clients. You can include highlights that will upgrade and enhance their everyday activity. If the client fails to connect with the UI or UX of your mobile application, he would probably never install it again. 

  • Ideal Performance is the Mantra to Success 

The app performance should be the topmost priority on your list. This is a segment through which you can build up a solid bond with the target customers. To employ this, the first thing you should look into is the load time of your app.

In case your load time is higher, then you should suffer the result as Google will take you back in SERPs. Ensure the clients don't come across any trouble on that front and their experience remains error free. When you fall back in SERP, the bounce rate tends to rise. If your loading time is moderate than 2 seconds, then your application falls into the slow category zone. 

  • Stay up to Date 

Updating is very much essential for every app since it will give you an edge to include additional features and take-out the unwanted as per the request of the users. 
The Updated applications are more likely to load the pages quickly. Consequently, the experience of the clients will be better and they would not just like to keep your application on their device yet, in addition, may use it on a daily basis. 

  • Connecting with the Customers by Personally Reaching Them 

You should remember that you are the one who needs to go to considerable lengths of reaching the target users through individual engagement, for e.g.: Push Notifications. Here you send messages in what you can offer attractive deals and offers. 

Another method for drawing customers is by getting valuable feedback from rating and reviews. You should always ask for a suggestion for the customers and do the needful.

  • Utilizing the Social Media Platform to Good Effect 

This is an era of social media. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google+ extra are some of the widely used platforms to communicate each other and furthermore share the thoughts, videos, and pictures. So you should definitely utilize these platform to improve the reach of your product.

Online media isn't just a compelling tool to publicize or promote your application but you also get to add what’s interesting about your application. Even the Share Friendly applications are gaining the focus of the users. 

  • Take the Benefit of Mobile Deep Linking 

In case you are unaware of the term, Mobile Deep Linking' here's a simple explanation. It is considered as similar to the link or the URL of a mobile application which directs the client’s into a particular page in the application when it is being gone through for the first time. 
This again will upsurge the experience of the users and helps in loading a page quicker. It can turn out to be resourceful for e-commerce based apps. 

Final note

Keeping the end users occupied with your app and enticing them is a tough job, yet it isn't something beyond our reach. We have seen that various applications offering services in various fields have accomplished enormous success. 

All you need to do is to click the correct button at the right time and always know what the current trends are. Keeping in mind the above strategies will help you drive more traffic to your app.

At Mindster, we focus primarily on mobile app development for grocery, taxi, e-commerce and much more with a long-term development partnership to help you provide a simplified technology solution to your end-users.

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