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8 Major iOS App Development Challenges to Overcome in 2018

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Starting this year with some glad news, we're excited to share with you the record-breaking sales that your most loved Apple's iOS App Store influenced this holiday season. As per a recent Press Release by Apple, the new year's day sets a record with $300 million in purchases from their application store.

Get an iOS application created in 2018 

You genuinely need an iOS application for your business now, due to the fact that your audience is exceptionally dynamic on the App Store and hopes to see you there. Furthermore, if you already own an iOS application, ensure your applications are updated and prepared to have an impact this year, adjusted well to the most recent iOS 11.2.2 update. 

You can connect with our master iOS application developers for your next iOS application development. 

Apple's iOS has changed the face of mobile application development and created a history by developing intuitive mobile apps that are innovative enough to change people's lives. Apple's ARKit has been a game changer a year ago. Among the different gaming, shopping, education and social apps that the iOS app lovers have put resources, the ones empowered with augmented reality features have procured the best spot. Clients are relishing a significant number, nearly  2,000 ARKit-enabled applications on the Apple Store. 

In any case, there's no denying that the recently redesigned App Store with iOS 11 pose different difficulties for the application designers today. Considering the iOS application development requirements and application store guidelines, Apple wishes to see more looked-for applications furnished with further advanced technology and features. 

Here're few of the iOS application development challenges that developers should look in this year. It's better than your iOS application developers support up with the correct answers to overcome the following challenges: 

  • Application compatibility

Older applications stop working once Apple stops providing support for 32-bit applications, with the arrival of a new version of iOS. This is a common practice at the App Store. Unlike Android, iOS releases frequent updates and the applications may slow down your Apple devices or will stop working if they aren't updated continuously. This is a major challenge for the application developers because each time they have to update the application to the most up to date iOS version. 

Solution: Creating an application that is perfect with the most recent iOS version and after that testing, it for the new versions requires additional efforts from your iOS application developers. Likewise, with a few Apple devices including iPads, iPhones, Mac, you have to guarantee that your application is compatible with all products. 

  • Performance and memory limitations

Memory management is a hell of an undertaking in iOS devices. No prejudices, however, an Android developer is significantly fortunate enough with regards to the device memory. iOS application developers are hog-tied to the iOS device storage limits. So now, you need to continuously work to keep up a harmony between the device resources and the application's performance. 

Solution: Focus on creating liter forms of the application to keep running on iOS devices just like Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Twitter and numerous others, with the end goal that they don't engulf a great part of the device's memory and battery. 

  • Getting it affirmed by the App Store 

At App Store, you're going to compete against 2.2 million applications now. Any average application won't be vouched for by the business' best community of developers. 
Most application developers and application owners have concluded that one of the greatest barriers in deploying an iOS application is the approval from the App Store. It's extremely tough! 

While Google Play takes just around 4-6 hours for the approval of an Android application, the iOS community requires at least 4 days to give you the green flag, which is additionally subjected to a strict guideline structure. With a simple violation of any rule, there are chances that your application might be rejected. 

Solution: Before launching an iOS application, gain the insights deeply by studying the app store guidelines. Invest a significant time in understanding them so you put the maximum effort in the first run. There are a lot of rules you have to stick to-application completeness, content codes, intellectual property rights, exact metadata, developer information and lot more. Re-check everything before submitting your application to the app store. 

  • Beta testing 

This is yet another common obstacle while working on iOS application development. Apple firmly believes in releasing beta tests for each version launched. Your application must finish all the beta tests done at different stages in application development and furthermore when there is version update, thereby approving that your application is prepared to work fine in the next advanced iOS version. 

Solution: Never stop testing. After the release of each new iOS version, put your application to test and ensure that it doesn't separate each time there's another iOS in the market. Modify your codes and launch just when you are certain the application is bug-free. 

iOS 11 has significantly more to offer to the developers, to the users, and to the entrepreneurs. To remain ahead this year, make earnest efforts toward this path by picking the right iOS application developers, who are sufficiently keen to deal with these difficulties and take you ahead in the competition. 

If you need an awesome start with your first iOS application, we'd love to help you. We'd like you to look at our iPhone application development services first.

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