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8 Practical Tips to Optimize the Conversion Rate of your App

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Although there are millions of mobile apps and websites available on the web today, it is rather surprising that only a very few of them have been able to achieve an impressive conversion rate. According to some experienced app developers in India, a large number of people focus more on getting people to use their mobile apps and browse through their websites but they do not focus much on compelling content and exciting user experience.

The app owners often forget the fact that the best publicity technique may attract millions of people to your app or website but only a few of them will use your app for a long time or patronize you. Therefore discussed below are some tips from a successful mobile app development company in India to mitigate this anomaly and improve the conversion rate.

Test every function of your app

Successful app developers not simply test the mobile app but test every function of the app on as many devices and as many platforms as possible. You must study well how your app performs on various both iOS devices and Android devices. You may not get every brand of devices to test your app, still, manage to get devices that runs on each Android operating systems that your app supports and test every function on all platforms.

If all the functions of your app are working perfectly well except one, even that will discourage the users. A single drawback may often prevent users from seeing all other pros of your app. Therefore, your app must be 100% operational. You must get your app perfect and right the first time because users hardly give a second chance.

Personalize your app

Depending on the purpose of your app, the conversion rate seems to increase if you personalize your app. What each and every user experience will be different based on various criteria like geographical location. For instance, if your app is listing the restaurants, hotels, and bars in different areas, the list of restaurants that someone will be seeing from different will not be the same.

Make your phone number a link

While using your app, a user may decide to call you either to ask a question or to complain, it is quite difficult to copy out a number and paste on a dialer. This will give the users a better experience to make your number a call-initiating link on your mobile app. In this way, users only need a tap on your number to initiate the call. This will increase the conversion rate significantly apart from, providing the users a great experience.

Shorten your registration form

It is quite difficult to type on a PC and even more difficult to type on mobile devices. The only time people enjoy typing will be on social media in fact. Users always hate seeing long registration forms. Of course, you may need maximum information for proper profiling purpose, but you must also consider the customers' convenience too. 

You can shorten the form of your app. Reduce the unwanted fields from the form since this may irritate the users. For example, entering the name as first name, middle name last name etc. can be merged and entered as a full name. Another suggestion is to remove the captcha. They seem very irritating and annoying.

Incidents have been witnessed that an app development company increased their conversion rate by 33% when they removed captcha from their site. So this is a change you should immediately make if your site still has a captcha.

Multiple payment options

If you are a business owner running an online store then you must select a payment gateway provider that accepts multiple payment options. This makes that payment very easy for the customers. If you have, only one or two payment gateway chances of losing customers are very high. Instead of converting his funds into any available payment option, the user will just bounce and abandon his cart and never come back again.

Your payment gateway should also be perfect. If your customer has mistaken by debiting twice for the same order the second should be refunded. This can also help to boost the conversion rate. 

Avoid intrusive ads and popups

Nothing can be annoying as an intrusive ad that will pop up and on your device. When you are actually busy because this will interrupt your flow. Even if that ad is a product you really need, you won’t read or listen to that ad at that moment. So do not give such experience to your users. Avoid intrusive ads. Find a better and more engaging way to allow ads.

Reward your users occasionally

It is imperative to remunerate some of your enthusiastic clients once in a while. This won't just empower them, it will likewise enable them to construct a solid connection to your brand. However, take note of that if clients hate any an incentive from your application, prizes won't enhance your conversion rate. This is the reason why incredible application developers India concentrate more on the esteem their application offers. 

Your application ought to have practically no crash rate

High crash rate alarms users from a mobile application more than gunshots scare individuals off from the road. In fact, you will be damn fortunate if a user still uses your application after it crashed on him once. In this way, you should ensure your application scarcely or never crashes. 

Overall, after these few hints will go a long way in boosting the conversion rate of any mobile application.

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