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9 Traits Oreo 8.0 Reinvents Android

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Android is getting better and better each passing year and now Google has officially unveiled their latest version, Android 8.0 commonly known by the name “Oreo”. Oreo update was first released on March 17, 2017. This latest update offers Snoozing individual notifications, Granular storage controls, New battery menu, Redesigned Menu etc. Google with the help of Android is slowly moving in the direction of apple with a better restriction on what an app can and cannot do in the background.

In this update, Google concentrated mainly on amending the core features of the Operative System than experimenting on UI. This Oreo update help developers to build their future apps more flexible and compatible using the latest design guidelines and APIs. Oreo is one of the most Powerful, Smartest and Efficient of all the OS they provided to the market. Here we present some main features that have been included in Android 8.0 Oreo:

  • Enhanced Battery Life

This new feature serves you with several enhancements to perk up your battery life. In Oreo, Google block apps to perform the task which runs in the background and restricts location updates as well as background services. This time Google is cracking down every rogue battery drainer.

  • Rescue Party

Bugs are always an unavoidable fact and every software are equipped with them. But in Oreo, whenever a bug comes through and your device starts crashing, the OS will automatically attempt to rectify the issue themselves. This feature is called rescue party and it basically applies a series of fixes when an app crashes continuously or phone reboots.

  • Connectivity

Wi-Fi Aware is another feature that has been introduced in Android 8.0. Wi Fi Aware without being on the same network, devices running under latest Android version will be able to discover each other. These devices can even create a private network to share data among themselves. Oreo also provides new Bluetooth low energy 5.0 standard support which allows chatting with each other using supported hardware without a hotspot or internet connection. Oreo’s smart sharing Feature allows the Operating system to assume a photo contest and select the best application that suits. 

  • Individual Notification

Oreo gives a provision to users to classify notification into a custom channel. Perhaps one of my favorite features is snoozing of individual notification. For example, when a message comes by and you don’t have time to deal with it, all you need to do is to swipe to the right and tap clock icon to snooze the notification. This particular message again pops up after the time is up. You can also adjust the snooze length when you snooze a notification. Users also get facilitated to preview the content from notification before entering the app.

  • Play Store Security

Harmful apps are automatically removed for improving the security of the Play Store. Google is approximately scanning 50 billion apps daily and 2 million mobile devices with Android 4.4 and higher versions.

  • Picture in Picture

Picture-in-Picture mode was available on Android TV. This function is used for multitasking, particularly for watching videos while performing other tasks. This function is compatible with YouTube and VLC. 

  • New Emoji’s

Finally, Google has ditched the blob-shaped smilies and started using conventional ones, you now have more than 60 new emoji’s and existing blob characters redesigned. Android app developers can even use custom color support.

  • Security

New set of permission are introduced for developers in order to improve the security of the apps. Permission grades are now classified as normal and dangerous. Unknown source setting is also removed and you have to trust individual apps before installing APK’s they have downloaded.  With Safe browsing API integration from Google, internet browsing is more secure now. 

  • Autofill Framework

This feature allows apps to create and manage their own filled data. Oreo will utilize this data into any fields needed. You have total control over these list on when to use and not. Autofill service will be available in the settings menu where you can actually adjust the lists. The Autofill feature helps the user to quickly fill up the forms with repeated information.

Google has put a lot of work into the release of Oreo. The main focus of Google is to facilitate their customers with more functions, increasing the performance and enhanced battery life to appreciate the benefits of technology. Considering the facilities provided by Oreo OS, Android app development companies are on the verge of developing highly advanced applications for gaining productivity and profit using such advanced technology.

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