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Magento VS OpenCart – Which is More Powerful for e-Commerce?

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There are many online shopping solutions out there, among which Magento and OpenCart are 2 majors picked and trusted by a large number of web-admin. In view of their magnificence in managing the online market, a few people may get confused while choosing the suitable framework for their online stores. 
In this article, we have made some comparison between these 2 online solutions – Magento and OpenCart – to uncover the mysteries of them. In view of internet business needs and requirements, this examination, for the most part, analyzes their value, features, targeted customer, adaptability, and support. 

OpenCart is an open source shopping cart solution that requires no charge for the license, so you can just download to use and alter it to set up your online presence soon after purchasing a web hosting package. 
Magento has a more extensive scope of services. There are 3 releases of e-commerce cart solutions which are named Magento Community Edition, Magento Go, and Magento Enterprise Edition. They are developed to meet diverse business needs, and of course, the price also changes for each version. 

  • Magento Community Edition is flexible and an open source software that is allowed to download and utilize, like the OpenCart.  
  • Magento Go is a hosted arrangement developed for independent ventures, at a rate of INR 900/month. 
  • Magento Enterprise Edition is built for extensive organizations and endeavors, though this version is pretty costly to maintain this version has a higher level of sophistication and security attributes. 

Target User
Magento and OpenCart have a few similarities and additionally contrasts in this viewpoint. As a shopping cart solution, OpenCart is focused at and prescribed for all-sized online store proprietors (depending upon the facilitating condition that OpenCart dwells on), web engineers, and architects. 
For Magento, similarly as specified above, it isn't just an answer for store owners, designers, but also for massive organizations and ventures. It is a decent place to go for entrepreneurs who would prefer not to invest time and energy in finding a trusted web hosting package. 
E-commerce Features
As indicated by our audit and research, Magento is enriched in features than OpenCart, as the Magento has a long list of up to 350 highlights while the OpenCart has roughly 100 highlights. Both these help multi-store administration, permit boundless categories, items, and have sales reports. Some of the other vital features of them are recorded from the following table.

OpenCart has a broad extension directory on its official website, which contains around 9,000 free and paid modules and template, so you don't have to scan over the Internet for a marketplace to buy a quality template. Rather, it's likely that there is dependably an answer for your request in the augmentations index. 
Magento also accompanies a substantial number of customization alternatives. It has fewer modules and themes than OpenCart, yet there are many of them accessible on the web which you can buy for free and use to change the look and add the additional functionalities of your online stores. Both of Magento and OpenCart are very great in fulfilling clients' additional needs. 
Community Support
As an open source software always has a community supporting it, Magento and OpenCart have kept a large group comprising of thousands of fans and designers. When an issue happens, you can exploit the power of a large community backing you to get help. Furthermore, they both offer free client aides, instructional tutorials, and video instructional exercises. 
The only exception is that Magento gives a specialist counseling group and training classes to enable clients to deal with the normal and advanced issues in overseeing Magento sites, including custom module development and reviewing the performance. 
Which is More Powerful? 
Both of Magento and OpenCart are great choices for setting up online shops, yet Magento performs better in hosting a medium to large enterprise business sites. OpenCart, on the other hand works well with a smaller organization and is the best platform for independent stores. But Magento is best suited for complex, scalable and large business organization.
Apart from selecting the best e-commerce solution for your online store, the nature of the web hosting service you buy also matters much in the execution of your online store. Mindster is a company who could do justice to your requirements. The web hosting services from our organization will help you pursue your dreams. Please contact our team to know more about the kind of framework best suited for your business requirements.

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