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New Trends Emerging on Mobile UX Designing in 2018

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We all have welcomed 2018 with sheer joy and people too are eager to know the upcoming trends that mobile application interface is going to face this year. Mobile design trends have always evolved rapidly and had a drastic change in the last couple of years. Some may say that this is due to the growing competition in this sector, but it has always fascinated the users with such changes.

Whenever users download and install an app, they always look for something unique in the app and if there is nothing exceptional in your app then you know what happens the very next moment. All these factors affect the rating and reviews of your app and eventually, your app loses the battle.

According to a recent survey, it was found out that 50% of the users abandon your app if they have trouble in the user interface and delayed response. To counter this likelihood every mobile app development company should come up with more innovative and interactive UI / UX designs.

App Developers are always aware of the latest trends in the designing industry and the changes that tend to happen in mobile app designing in the near future. Here, we are about to discuss the new trends that are going to happen in this mobile app sector in 2018:

  • Easy-Going Approach with Simple Color Choices 

Don’t ever think that your app slows down due to any technical issues, because sophisticated designing strategies can also make your app slow to respond. So, try to keep things basic and clear without doing much experiments. 

The same tactics should be utilized when choosing the color schemes. The designer has to decide which color will appropriately look best and whether he should settle on light, splendid or a more energetic color. It turns out to be more effective if you are going for customized designs as per the needs of the customer.

  • Face ID and Touch ID to Unlock Phone 

Well, you need to say farewell to the traditional methods for unlocking your smartphone with a pattern, pin and password. Advanced techniques have emerged in the market, which has made your smartphone secure. iPhone X which was launched recently has developed face recognition through which you could unlock the phone. 

Another choice through which you can open your phone is utilizing your fingerprint. This will be very helpful in securing the confidential and private information on your phone. No one will have the capacity to get to any data from your device without your authorization.

  • Innovative App Icons and Material Designs will Rule 

All things considered, the Material Design is another idea that Google presented in the year 2014 and ever since then, designing excellent application icons have turned out to be simple. 

You can't deny the fact that icons play a vital part in influencing the users and if you want to design a beautiful icon, learning of material design ends up noticeably significant. This new idea will also help the developers to utilize the free spaces efficiently. 

  • A greater amount of Video-Based Content than Text 

With internet getting much more space than ever before, this year will see the ascent of video-based content in contrast with a content-based explanation. It is a result of the fact that millions of users are hooked to YouTube if they are searching for some queries or some other instructional exercise. 
These days individuals lean toward watching a video instead of reading the content. The UX design will float with more videos getting added to cater the enthusiasm of the clients. Besides, recordings can likewise help those individuals who are less educated and can't understand the quality of the words demonstrated in the text. 

  • The Impact of AR and VR on Mobile Designing 

It will be interesting to take note of how the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will impact the territory of mobile app designing. We have just seen the strong accomplishment of Pokémon Go and 2018 will see a greater progression in the AR. 

A similar thing can be shown about the Virtual Reality (VR) also. In spite of the fact that, it is in its beginning stages, yet it is expected that VR recordings will turn out to be more prominent and many companies have begun making an outstanding leap toward this path. 

VR will surely shorten the consumption of video creation and that is a motivating factor. VR will make product advertising significantly less demanding as it gives a more extensive platform to the advertisers to showcase their items. You can likewise make a video library.

  • The Use of In-App Gestures 

The year 2018 will see another important change as far as the User Experience is concerned; and that is the expansion of the in-app gestures. Clients exhausted from tapping on the applications will find it exciting since it will enable them to drag and press on the screen. 

  • The Element of Personalization 

Every one of us jumps at the chance to get personal attention, so why leave the designs for mobile? Designers must understand the significance of customization as it is one of those powerful tools that enable you to stay in contact with the clients and their interests. 

Amid the designing procedure, you need to take a similar course and watch out for the user data. In light of that, you can compose the codes, therefore including the personal touch. You can refer to the case of Artificial Intelligence to represent the point. It upgrades the experience of communication using the Chatbots. 

  • Blurring of Hamburger Menus 

Indeed, in 2018 one of the well-known trends is losing its ground; yes we are discussing the Hamburger Menus that are becoming dull gradually. It is being seen that people have just started to change the tracks discovering new ways to explore the app effortlessly. 

In this way, from what we can conclude up from the above discussion is that this year will, undoubtedly bring an extensive variety of new opportunities for the designers. With respect to UX and UI designers, they are required to remain up-to-date with the current technology to confront the competition and furthermore to implement these new trends skillfully and viable to bring into practice. 
As the time passes, the difficulties will turn out to be more troublesome thus you have to set up the grounds to battle it.

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