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Why iOS Always have an Edge Over Android in Privacy Policies?

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It is a well-known fact that the two iOS and Android development platform are the fiercest contenders in the smartphone market. In the recent months, both held events wherein they disclosed a series of more advanced gadgets and refreshed OS. In spite of the fact that the opposition is exceedingly intense in each angle and circle yet with regards to security factor, iOS always knock outs Android by a fair margin. It is a proven fact that Android stages platform struggles in protecting the data when compared with its competitor.

Both Google and Apple are attempting their level best to offer the best-secured OS but iOS has always propelled ahead of Android. Let’s discuss the main reason to this:

  • Android is an Open Source Operating System

One of the prime reasons referred to by experts is that, Android as an Operating System is an open source. It is a direct result of this perspective that anyone can get an access to what's on in the Android platform. Apple’s iOS on the other is almost impossible. T

The specialists likewise see that the danger turns out to be more obvious in the event that a user attempts to modify the smartphone and doesn't get satisfactory outcomes. It winds up simpler for the hackers to follow your smartphone and dive into the subtle elements.

The security issue is still a matter of concern regardless of the possibility that the alteration is made by a developer. The open source of Android likewise enables hackers to spread the malware

Apple on the other side is exceptionally strict in forcing the terms and conditions regarding downloading and control over the product. This basically implies you can't dispatch application on the Apple app store like to Google Play Store.

  • The Enterprise Apps: iOS is Winner 

The enterprise mobile applications has moved toward becoming as a major aid for the enterprise and business groups as it has backed out the pressure of work to an extent. It has empowered the representatives to work effectively even outside the premises of office through the presentation of BYOD procedure.

Here again, both contenders gave an extreme battle for the primary spot and made each step to upgrade the security of the applications. In both cases the engineers have the chance to fabricate a secured region which is free from user profile information and permits to install enterprise applications.

After this your device however get changed over to a particular gadget for getting to the undertaking applications. Albeit both are inclined to security breaks, Android has more than the iOS. 

The exchange here again is the open source versus private source yet it doesn't have a major effect. What impacts is the method of updation and execution of the OS. The iOS is announced winner in light of the fact that many OS have a tendency to operate at a particular time, which ends up being unsecured. 

Despite what might be expected, Apple isn't that simple organic product to catch on. It has the one of a kind innovation and can also not permit to see the information that could create a security hole. 

  • Breaking is a Harder Nut to Crack in iOS 

It can't be said that it is an impossible task yet it is a hard to do as such particularly in the advanced version. Furthermore, the messaging application in Android is prone to get attacked more because of the open code. 

Be that as it may, Apple is extremely specific and particular as far as discharging its code and watches out for what the designers are doing. That is the motivation behind why it is more hard to plan an iOS application in contrast with Android application. Apple on the off chance that finds that its iPhone is jailbroken, it will bolt the telephone out. It has a total control over the equipment and the product instruments. 

  • Application Testing – iOS is Better 

Mobile App Testing should be an essential procedure before the application is at finally available at the app store and goes live for the end users. As far as testing of the app is concerned, Apple does not leave a solitary edge for error from its side and is exceptionally stern on this parameter. 

In spite of the fact that Google likewise takes after a similar approach, but the test it performs on its applications isn't as careful as iOS. That is the reason why more applications are accessible on the Google Play Store in contrast with Apple App Store. 

  • Online Digital Payment: Go for Apple Pay 

In here, we discuss the security factor and reasons on why iOS is better secured over Android, discussing the online payment is a key factor. Everyone around the world are making cashless exchanges, they appear to be worried about the security of confidential info related with their Credit and Debit cards. 

Again Apple Pay has scored higher in the examination over Google Wallet. Both the organizations embrace pretty much the same technology, Apple Pay surpasses the race because of enhanced and predominant security highlights that includes Touch ID, which requests the client to confirm his fingerprints to lead an exchange. Indeed, even the client experience and trader accessibility is better in Apple Pay in this way. 


Both iOS and Android OS have their advantages and disadvantages, yet one thing is for certain that iOS remains unbeatable on the security aspect. Mainly because of the way that Apple has constantly kept up the sternest of strategies on the development and downloading of applications, UI and experience, application testing etc. 

They have always stuck to those polices regardless of any condition and never compromised on that issue. Therefore, if security of your device is the top priority, then iPhone is the best solution you can get from the market.

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