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A Cost Estimation Guide for Your Taxi Business

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“How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber?” A major question that lies in everyone’s mind and we come across at least 10 times almost every day at Mindster. Uber's success stories have greatly inspired the taxi business owners to launch an app for their startup business. Uber’s tremendous transformation in the transport industry has motivated everyone in building an app. 

Apart from that, online taxi business giants had turned the life of traditional taxi services unbearable. Traditional taxi businesses are slowly disappearing as passengers are choosing better online alternatives to book taxis on the go. It is not going to be the same for traditional taxis anymore! Moreover, the harsh reality is that apps like Uber and Lyft are here to stay. Let us delve into taxi booking app development process, analyze the expenses, and see if another Uber clone would worth the cost.

Let’s discuss some of the features which every taxi owner wish to add in his app, features being the determining factor of rating the app.

In order to develop an app like Uber, take into consideration the following features:

  • Demands by the passenger is an instant action
  • The business model fills in as a pre-chosen strategy
  • The supply is not bound to the platform closely, it is utilized to aggregate the supply of services
  • In the on-demand business model the user is provided with the available service

The common app features with regard to Complexity

Simple Features

For passengers

  • Registration & Login
  • Tracking, set pickup location on the map with the help of Google places.
  • Selecting the type of taxi, minimal fare or price per km

For Drivers

  • Registration and approving by admin
  • Accept or reject the booking requests


  • SMS and email alerts, Push Notification.
  • Support Service

Average complexity 

For passengers

  • Cost calculator
  • Ratings and Feedbacks
  • History of booking

For Drivers

  • Updating the client status
  • Booking History with order status


  • Login via Facebook account

Most complex

For passengers

  • Live Tracking
  • Automatic Payment
  • Adding more than one credit cards

For Drivers

  • Google navigation- Voice-driven instructions


  • Communication facility for passengers and drivers 

How can you estimate the cost of developing an App?

A Cost to build a taxi app relies on various things, particularly a country being referred to, its regions, sort of taxi app Development Company like-the large or small company, dedicated app developers etc. Moreover, a specific list of features are executed in it. Firstly, it should be assumed that such service would need creation of three interfaces – You will need to build a driver app, passenger app, and a web admin interface to make an app like Uber. However, before that, you need to how much is the cost of developing an app like Uber. There are many cost dependent factors. Therefore the answer for this question is always- “It depends”. 

Well, in short, we can tell that, you need to pay for an efficient design, the frontend, backend development and the Web admin development. The platform on which you need the app is also a factor- the Android, iOS or both and a complete assurance for top-notch quality. Though it is a bit tough to predict the charges as the number of features can reduce or increase. Still, as per the estimates pricing depends on certain features such as

  • The platform that the operator wants to build the App – such as for Android, iOS, or Web etc.
  • The technicalities of the App to be developed?
  • The version of the App to be developed such as a beta version or a full feature packed market ready app.
  • The development center. Countries like the USA, UK, and Australia are expensive while taxi app developers in India are quite inexpensive.

 As per what we estimate at Mindster, we have already build a basic model with all necessary features and is ready to deploy. We provide the lowest among the rates and a 25% discount over it, but a limited period offer. This is the primary checklist for Uber like app development cost. Apart from this, you can avail any additional features perhaps you need better features.

Therefore, if you do not choose to be Uberized, you will soon kill your business! Then raising your voice to strike against Uber will not work folks!

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