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11 Best Dating Apps In India And What Makes Them Unique

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How often have you longed for a life partner who knows your likes and dislikes?

We all wish for that faithful companion in our lives, right? 

Some people find their true love very early while others wait their whole lives to find a life partner. We may have the charisma to woo a person. But we seldom get the opportunity to meet like-minded people, let alone getting along with them. 

But now dating app development has given those people a newfound hope. These best dating apps in India essentially invented a common place to meet interesting people and develop meaningful relationships with them.
Dating apps are proving to be one of the most profitable categories in the mobile app development industry. Let’s see how it impacted the app development industry.

What Are Dating Apps?

The term dating is not a new word for Indians today. We know what it is, how it starts and where it’s heading in a relationship.

The process of dating has evolved incredibly over the years from meeting people at parties or other networking places or being set up by friends and family or even through social media. But right now dating apps have become the go-to destination for the dating process.

Dating apps adhere to the fundamentals of apps. It brings all single people under a single umbrella and introduces them to their ideal partners. Then, the rest is entirely up to the respective parties involved in the scenario.

A dating app shows you profiles of people who fit your descriptions and interests from your desired locations. Then you like or skip these profiles. If both parties nod, the process goes on to chatting, meeting in person, and eventually, the dating starts. As easy as it gets!

Features of Dating Apps

Features of dating apps

Why Dating App Matters?

Do you know which are the top-grossing mobile apps in the world right now?

Obviously, The answer is Gaming apps. 

But do you know which is the top-grossing non-gaming app in 2019?

It’s none other than a dating app called Tinder!. Tinder had already dethroned Netflix's long reign on the same title in the first quarter of 2019. But now Tinder is exploding in the app market like never before.

The following are top-grossing non-gaming apps for Q2 2019. 

Top grossing apps

Image Source

The statistics on dating apps are even more jaw-dropping. According to Statista, The revenue from dating apps have exceeded US$ 1.6 billion in 2019. In the US 1 in 10 people is already on dating apps.

Online dating statistics

Image Source

As the years pass by, more and more people are opting for dating apps to find their partners. The global revenue from dating apps is expected to cross US$ 2 billion by 2023.

The Impact Of Dating Apps In India

Recently we saw an explicit cultural shift in the way Indians interact with one another. Digital revolution and social media have molded us into more expressive and progressive versions of ourselves.

But when it comes to choosing a life partner, We have become more open-minded and decisive instead of nodding to the family arrangements or registering on matrimonial sites. We either find our partners by ourselves or just go for a dating app

The trends show that the popularity of dating apps in India is rapidly growing. There are already around 40 million users for dating apps in India. And it produced more than 62 million US$ in the year 2019 alone making India the 4th largest market for dating apps.

Top market for dating apps

So in short, these numbers indicate that dating app development is a force to be reckoned with. But creating an app for dating is not an easy task. These popular dating apps in India will give you a clear perspective on that. So without further ado, Let’s see some of the best dating apps in India.

1. Tinder


Tinder has completely revolutionized the online dating scenario. The unprecedented acceptance for Tinder paved the way for other rival platforms to get on board with dating app development. Tinder has expanded its empire by setting its foot in the Indian market.

Once we create a descriptive Tinder profile using your Facebook ID or phone number, the app shows you nearby profiles with similar interests and beliefs. Then you swipe right to like profiles or swipe left to pass. if the other party likes back, The matching happens, and you can chat with your match. The rest will happen according to your wooing skills.

The free version of Tinder allows you to like only a limited number of profiles. But if you upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, more features will be added such as unlimited likes, profile boosts for more visibility for your profiles, and the options to see who liked your profiles.

Features of tinder

2. Happn

They say things happen for a reason. Well, if we are talking about finding our ideal life partner, Happn has a unique way to make it happen. Ok, let's skip the wordplay and see the real deal.

We all look for those ideal partners. Maybe we must have even met some of them, but never had the chance or confidence to profess your admiration to them.

Well, those days are over. If someone of your interests crosses your path in real life, and they happen to be on Happn, their profiles appear on your timeline. So instead of leaving these people as just crushes, you can regain your confidence and connect with them.

But wait it's not over yet. You can see how many times you've crossed paths, as well as the location and time it happened without having to put your detective goggles on.

You can also send people secret Hi and Like without displaying your name unless you want it seen.

Features of happn

3. Badoo


Believe it or not, Badoo has the most extensive user base in dating apps with a presence in more than 190 countries. It's even more significant than Tinder itself.

Badoo is one of the best dating apps in India. Like many other dating apps, it also has a simple swipe function to vote profiles even offline. Badoo also helps you find your perfect match through your mutual friends and lets you see if there are people who have crossed your path.

Features of badoo

4. Azar


Ensuring the authenticity of profiles is a significant challenge in dating apps. There are many catfishing activities reported in the dating app scenarios. If you are unfamiliar with the term, catfishing refers to an account with a fake photo to trick people into believing that it is real.

But Azar has a unique way to eliminate these deceptive activities by focusing on a video chat-based matchmaking approach. So imposters can no longer pose a threat as users demand live video conversations.

The video chatting based dating approach makes the process of wooing very organic and lively. So before actually meeting the match in person, you can hit it off with your match face to face and then decide your next moves.

Features of azar

5. Trulymadly

Trulymadly is a genuinely indigenous dating app targeted at Indians. They are arguably one of the best dating apps in India, with more than 50 million users. 

If you are a single Indian male or female looking for a life partner with similar views and thoughts, don't waste your time, get on trulymadly app.

Trulymadly's trust score system is an effective way to ensure the authenticity of the profiles. It asks you multiple verifications like ID proof, facebook, or LinkedIn links. More credentials mean more trust scores.

You can boost your trust scores by asking your friends to vouch for you. The higher the trust score, the higher the chances of getting matches.

Sparks feature allows you to directly start a conversation with your desired match by sending a personalized message without having to wait for a like back.

Features of trulymadly

6. Bumble


India's female population is found to be the reason behind the rapid popularity of dating apps in India.

That being said, In Indian culture generally, the male partner used to make the first move in the wooing process. But the tables have turned now. Women are more liberated and empowered now. They make their own decisions.

Bumble operates based on the idea of women's empowerment. Women have the upper hand in making the first move, then the men respond to it. The rest is the same. Bumble is not only merely for dating purposes, but we can also find like-minded friends via bumble as well.

 It's relatively a newbie in the Indian market. But it is rapidly picking up the pace.

Features of bumble

7. Hinge


Hinge is rapidly grabbing the attention of eligible Indian single ladies and gentlemen. Hinge operates almost identical to Tinder in terms of its design aspects and navigations.

Instead of writing a detailed bio, Hinge asks you some questions. All you have to do is to give genuine answers, then the app itself shows you profiles that match your answers.

So the chances are that you find like-minded individuals from the get-go. The previous versions of Hinge required a facebook account to log in to the app. And that caused some backlashes from users. But now we can join by using your phone number and add photos to your profile.

Features of hinge

8. OkCupid


OkCupid is one of the top-grossing dating apps in India. They claim to provide a more personalized match finding experience for users.

If you are looking for more committed relationships, OkCupid is undoubtedly a fantastic pick. To find a perfect match, they ask you to fill in some questions which are relevant to your region. It also lets you find profiles based on your preferences such as age, gender, sexuality, etc through its 'discovery' tab.

Features of okcupid

9. Jaumo


Jaumo is making huge waves in the Indian dating app arena. It has the strength of more than 100 million users in the world. Jaumo stands firmly on providing exact matches across different age groups, ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences, locations, and so on.

Jaumo also operates as a parent app for its other dating apps aimed at specific demographics such as 'Casual Dating & Adult Singles - Joyride,'' Lovely,' 'Dating for 50 plus Mature Singles' and so on.

features of jaumo

10. Woo


Woo is also another top dating app India that focuses on the idea of putting women first. Women have more power in terms of choosing a partner. Rather than sticking to casual dating and meaningless hookup, Woo focuses on finding matches with long term commitments.

Just like its name, Woo offers a more organic wooing approach. You can seamlessly chat with your matches through voice calls without your number being displayed. 'Woo same' feature allows you to send a secret 'crush' to your desired profiles and get to know them better.

The profiles of single women are highly protected, including name, phone number, location, etc.

Features of woo

11. Aisle


Aisle is another Indian based dating app mainly aimed at urban or professional Indian audiences. Aisle balances both traditional marriage values and modern dating pretty well.

Once you login to the app by using your Facebook or LinkedIn account, you'll be asked to answer some basic questions. And the app quickly understands your types and finds suitable matches for you.

The app has a free version. But if you got a few bucks to pay, additional exciting features will be added such as invites to chat with your desired profiles and roses for crushes. Although the price for invites is a bit expensive, the desired results are guaranteed.

Features of aisle

So in conclusion, dating apps have given all the single people a huge sigh of relief. They no longer worry about their loneliness. All it takes is to log in to the dating app your choice and make a compelling bio(Some apps don’t require even a bio). Then your true love will come looking for you. 

So there is no pointing in just waiting and wasting your time. Get on with a dating app. Then the life partner of your dreams will bless your timeline as you sit back and relax. If you want a more personalized and location-based online dating experience, Mindster is a perfect choice for developing such a dating app. So what are you waiting for?

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