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Breathtaking Features to Run an Online store successfully using Opencart

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Choosing an e-commerce platform for your merchandise is not an easy job. All the popular platforms available in the market have their own unique identity. Opencart is such a prominent and reliable player in the shopping cart system which has been preferred from many small to large business for designing an e-commerce website. Opencart has feature-rich and most sophisticated software for creating a store that can deal with any mode of business. Opencart is an open source software that has been written in PHP and MySQL. Many advanced management features have been added to OpenCart and are available for free to download. The 2017 version of the Opencart has more than 13000 modules and themes. 

Open cart’s capabilities of being distinct and different from their competitors make them a perfect choice for retailers for designing beautiful and enriched e-commerce websites. Opencart is getting more and more preferences from e-commerce merchants and developers due to its more possibilities and fewer complexities. With the help of an OpenCart, you can cost-efficiently set up and run an online store.

  • Search Engines Optimization for Products and Categories:

Opencart has been hailed as the most optimized website in e-commerce platform. Beside using alt tags, description and optimized meta titles, Opencart allows you to create personal URLs for products and information pages with SEO friendly keywords which can be easily spotted by search engines. Opencart offers the developer an opportunity to build the websites according to the needs of the clients. The web pages designed under this platform can be translated to another language within a shorter time than others.

  • Opencart Custom Extension:

Extension services in Opencart help in developing functional plugins and modules that improve the processing of an Opencart website. Some of the main such plugins are one-page super checkout and Opencart abandoned cart. These extensions make a huge impact on maximizing conversions for your store. You can also avail custom build search engine website which will help you to take your e-commerce business to next level.

  • Flexible and Reliable:

The main attraction of Opencart is the control panel which is simple and convenient to use. Any person who has little knowledge about this platform can operate their e-commerce store. Opencart’s user friendly interface helps admin to perform changes in store and various customization in a seamless manner. 

  • More Capable of Addressing Customer Issues:

It is certain that various issues could arise in every business each passing day. It is very important to resolve such issues to ensure customer satisfaction. Opencart provides has an active community dedicated to resolve issues with at most accuracy in a minimum period of time.

  • Customer Centric stores:

Opencart is the best solution for budding entrepreneurs who targets to get maximum conversion in their websites. Opencart offers series of function that helps you stir up the transaction in your e-commerce store. A main example for such conversions to happen is with codes, Codes can be developed to avail discount offers for encouraging your loyal customers to earn rewards points on each purchase.

  • Operability between Multiple Storefronts:

Opencart has the unique feature that can empower more than one store in a single administrative panel of an e-commerce business. i.e., the businesses that are well flourished in the domestic market and have plans to expand their reach for the international market. The Opencart platform is the best e-commerce platform to choose in such cases.  With the help of Opencart, the retailers can add the products to the existing store without having a different store for other markets and simplify the work of the admin. Moreover, the currencies and language can also be changed to target different regions.

  • Apt for Startups

Opencart incorporates various modules that offer swift payments like PayPal. Opencart also supports more modules and extensions than their counterparts that help to extend the functionalities of the site that has been built on such platform. Such functions offered in Opencart makes them the perfect choice for small, medium and large enterprises to venture their business.

Get your Opencart store upgraded to the latest version by configuring the database. A variety of themes are offered from which you can choose the one that suits your business requirements.  All these functionalities help to you to guide on choosing a platform for your website or converting your e-commerce store from one platform to another. When compared with the competitors, Opencart has a clear edge over the others in offering an enriched and hassle free experience to the users. The websites designed with the core of this platform functions with accuracy and speed.

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