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Challenges to Overcome While Developing a Wearable App

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The interest in Mobile App Development is skyrocketing due to the influence of smart phones and tablets. Mobile app development is the fundamental element in designing any fancy gadgets. The supply and demand for this particular category are jacked up for now because every gadget coming out works using mobile apps. Considering the current trends in the market, we can see the return of smart watch segment after the underwhelming debut some years ago. 

Each time a new set of Smartwatch are unveiled, they come with a new set of hardware’s, chips, processors, and challenges to connect new interfaces. All these changes result in the behavior of the final product. The developers always try to make lighter and more efficient version of its predecessor. 

According to ABI Research, Wearable market is pitted to be 50 billion industry. Today, fitness tracking device alone worth $700 million and covers about 61% of wearable devices.  Many firms after getting to know about the potential of what smart watch could do, are investing more resources for exploring new features. Here are some issues that everyone come across while creating such apps:

  • Cross Platform Compatibility

If an app is compatible across multiple platforms then there is a chance for them in reaching a greater number of customers. Let’s consider an app which operates on android or on IOS, it denies access to an entire market. We know at the moment that these are the two dominant marketplaces for mobile apps, there are smaller market such as Microsoft app store for windows phones. While these markets are smaller in comparison, adding it to the others gives untapped markets and business. Just like smart phones, smart watch also comes in various sizes and shapes and has different technology. The developers should adapt to these variations to increase their output.

  • Purpose 

To succeed in such competitive environment, the developers must be aware of what tweaks they are designing in their product and it should not be some gimmick or flashy distraction. The apps with some defined purpose will only remain in the market and the developer must be aware of what they want their app to achieve.

  • Regular update

After developing an app, it must be regularly updated. App users can easily get attached to a particular app and once they are not regularly updated with new features, the users will not hesitate to delete the app even if they like it. The new features to be added can be attained through customer feedbacks. 

  • Ease of use

It is very important to remember that a wearable app should facilitate navigation on a small screen and everything that could be done so that having a smart watch is a comfort boost and not a hassle. The apps should be built on the concept and pull their weight in order to win the customers through efficiency and simplicity rather than crowded design clutters.

  • User Interface

The most important feature in a wearable gadget should be its compatibility between the user and the Operating system or in other words, it’s what makes these watches differ from its counterparts. The UI is the most important part in developing an app as the customer always looks into the appearance and what they understand from first glance. Given their nature, Smart watch has a very little space for expression unlike smart phones and tablets. So it is a challenge for the developers to appeal the audience with the little space and adding enough elements on screen without cluttering the display.

  • Optimized Usage

The main issues regarding every app are the battery life they consume while performing. Many apps fail miserably in providing service for a reasonable battery life. Keeping the app simple by not adding any exaggerated functions helps in improving the battery period. Smart watch app, especially should be optimized so that the user doesn’t need to choose between the app and his/her phone die before noon.

  • Time period

With the rise of wearable gadgets, the market started growing at a fast pace which means the developers must act quickly and develop some valuable app for tech savvy customers.

Developers who are designing wearable gadgets should be a step ahead of market needs. He/she must act to every hype train circling in the industry. It is also necessary to add smart watches in the mobile first strategy for delivering values to end user. Keeping apps up to date and in a small place to satisfy all hardware parties isn’t an easy task, but that’s what keeps your app apart from others. 

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