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Common UX Errors to Avoid while Planning to Design an App

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The design has always been a key factor in determining the success and failure of every mobile application. The design helps in providing a good first impression on the customers.It's best to not have an app than a jumbled and moderately functioning application. This is because, if you don’t influence your users to sit tight for 5 seconds or more before your application loads, you've truly lost it. World's best revenue generating applications including Uber, Airbnb, Starbucks, Zomato are among the quickest loading applications.


Application's loading speed is one of the fundamental parameters that chooses a user’s eagerness to remain on the application and utilize its services. In case the app takes some time to load, users will uninstall the application soon after they download it. 

To be honest, applications are simply all over the place. In spite of some genuinely remarkable innovation in the mobile application market, we generally utilize those that helps us do our operation quickly, with no glitches.

A flawless mobile application UX configuration incorporates a couple of vital components including load time, fonts, themes, colors, application icon, representation, brand logo, navigation etc.


To truly satisfy the client's expectation and accomplish the enchantment, application developers should be keener and think from the user perspective.

Here, it’s not about adding or enhancing your techniques but more about how you can avoid committing the below mistakes when you're designing a mobile application. It will consequently take you to the following level.

  • It's a designer’s job

Regularly, developing an application's UX is viewed as a designer’s work. Improving the user experience isn't only a person's task, however an aggregate effort of everybody in the application development team. Even after such a long time, we trust that UX is totally in the hands of a designer and can be best implemented by an experienced and qualified app developer. Most mobile application development company avoid including their entire team in the task. Only the best mobile application developers like Mindster suspect the decency of an application's UX and subsequently, they let the entire team discuss it.

Key takeaway: The best UX design can only be accomplished through teamwork. Since everybody including application developers, designers and project managers know the project from the start to the end. Shockingly, aside from fashioners, every one of them can act like a client to you and reveal to you the upgrades and the issues that should be settled for a much smoother client encounter. The team ought to have a common vision to convey the best-ever client involvement with a user-focused approach.

  • Densely packed displays

Have you ever given a thought on why the apps from the first generation couldn’t last in our existing market? This was due to the addition of a set of features to the applications that were prominent years ago which transformed them into something neither attractive nor interactive.

As a mobile app developer, you need to put every one of your thoughts in a single product and demonstrate the users that your app is a one-stop solution for all their needs. Try not to be carried off by adding many elements and icons to your app as they may ruin your app. They additionally make the application buggier and bulkier and increases the loading time of the application.

Key takeaway: Focus on what makes a difference. If you develop an application with an intend to solve a typical user issue. A decent mix of UI and UX that showcases clear illustrations looks ideal on the mobile screen.

  • Light text styles with low contrast

Topography is one significant part of UX along with UI. Light text styles look crisp and exquisite and are best suited with current trends. However utilizing dim colors with light fonts makes the content relatively mixed up. This further causes issues in usability. Regardless of whether you have a decent interface, the content will be hard to read.

Key takeaway: Make your fonts clear and guarantee satisfactory difference between the content and the background elements. Never forget, if your user can't read your screens, even the best topography is pointless.

  • Unlabeled icons

We as a whole comprehend your worry with the little space accessible on a small mobile screen. Have you ever noticed the UX design of the YouTube app? Such a noteworthy UX design for a video streaming application. They have the ideal icons set on the application. Over that, the team has named the icons without missing anything.

One of the advanced rules of UX design is to change the labels with symbols as symbols upgrade the look and efficiency of the application and furthermore help you to spare space. 

Key takeaway: Don't keep any expectation from your clients. They don’t not know the importance of each icons you put. For example, a home, search, and settings icons are well understood, yet not a symbol particular to the application.

  • Too much content

We truly welcome it that you have the best content development team available. But, it doesn't mean they have to show their skills at the same time. If the content is complex, the clients can’t understand. Obviously, you lose one more point-and many more clients.

Key takeaway: Not every user is  a writer or a poet. Just give data that is important to the clients to best use your services. Organize it well and after that present the data in a simple and justifiable way.

  • Hidden CTA

To stand out and make the application screen exceptional at most circumstances, the developers tend to hide the activities and alternatives behind gestures. When you hide these key interface components that are the conversion elements, you are losing a considerable measure and furthermore making it harder for clients to understand.

Key takeaway: Whether you need the application user to purchase through the app or sign to up for your newsletter, say it simple and straight. Never think it to be a limited time stunt if you have to make the correct move so that user’s promptly complete a transaction without any issues.


Plainly, clients need to finish their tasks without spending their energy and effort. User engagement is the most vital while designing an app. A basic and simple application brings about a superior result that connects with users.
Since you have figured out how to beat some basic UX design issues, we're certain to see a surge in the quantity of clients and downloads you will celebrate in 2018. In case you want to cater the best UX to the users with your mobile app, feel free to Contact us.

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