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Essentials to be kept in mind while you design a mobile app for groceries

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It is no surprising that a grocery app of some kind or the other is downloaded or pre-loaded on an American’s mobile or smart phone. With working couples growing in Indian households, having a mobile app downloaded on the smart phone would be the most convenient and the apt solution to having grocery products delivered right there at home. However the app needs to be designed in such a way, that it is not racked up as a mere download occupying your mobile space.

These are the essential features, the store managers operating a fleet of grocery stores online, keep in mind while designing mobile apps for grocery products.

  1. Create wish lists

Companies like Walmart, Publix or Trader’s Joe already have started the trend of applying wish lists as a part of the store in-lays. In the sense, you can order for any kind of product under the sun. Even if the product is not available at a given store, the grocery team will contact another vendor, to check if the particular product as wished for, by the customer is available or not. The products are then delivered to your door-step. You can try stacking up different products if they have a higher demand from the customers’ point of view. The unique features you want to add to the store need to be captured on your mobile app in an impressive way, so as to catch the attention of customers who wish downloading your grocery shopping app.


  1. Important features you need to add, forming a part of your mobile app

You can include details on similar franchise or branches of the given store. You can include a feature called Store locator. If the customer is residing in a particular area, the store locator will immediately notify as to whether a showroom is available at the same area or not. You can also include a small guide on how the products will be delivered and whether it is a paid delivery or a free of charge delivery. You can also create a rich search option for your store products.


  1. Create a proper login page with specifications mentioned there-on

You need to create a proper web page and encourage your customers to log into the site. It needs to have a proper data-base section. You can also include the stocks or the inventory available at a given point of time. Say for example, your grocery store deals with varieties of baked cookies, you can include how many units are available at the store at that particular point of time. You can also mention a one-liner stating ‘It is a first cum first served basis.’ More customers will be tempted to order for these products at the earliest.


  1. Include coupons and other fabulous loyalty points for regular shoppers

In order to encourage loyal customers, and to pool in more new customers into buying your fleet of products, this is what you need to ideally do. Include free coupons, loyalty points and lucrative offers for your regular shoppers. You need to make them feel special like how they are treated at a retail brick and mortar store. Also give them an option to having fresh fruits, vegetables, dals and pulses delivered, right there, at their door-step. You will experience a pulsating hike in your sales volume, as such.


  1. Multiple payment options

Give your shoppers the freedom and the flexibility to pay via Pay pal, Sodexo coupons, Debit or Credit cards. You can also include COD options. COD means Cash on Delivery. You deliver the products and the customers pay the price. Including multiple payment options on your grocery app can invite more number of customers.

With these 5 essentials put in place, your grocery mobile app can never go wrong!


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