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Everything you need to know about the next Android Update: Android P

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Earlier this week, Google released the developer preview of its latest OS, Android P. There is still a bunch of new features and other stuff that could excite us. Furthermore, it has rolled out some important changes as well, which are extremely pivotal from an app developer’s perspective.

When you compare Android P with Nougat or Android Oreo, the design changes are generally smaller. Another main thing is that Google has educated the developers that they have to download the new version using a third party device.

Let’s throw some substantial light on the 7 vital features and major changes that are crucial from a developer’s perspective.

UI and UX upgrades 

The new review presents a set of UI changes like the Display Cut Out feature. It enables the developers to discover nonfunctional areas on the screen and handle them appropriately. From now, you will have the ability to find a region, decide its shape and break down UI elements to lay out the content around it. The preview also gives a new feature to developers such as simulating the cutout areas on the devices. This feature helps the apps to run smoothly with screen design similar to iPhone X.

The second thing identified with UI improvements are a set of notification upgrades.Android app developers now have new tools to enhance notification related to Messaging. Android P additionally introduces support of pictures and smart replays from notification input. Additionally, the new preview gives new tools to manage the notification channels. 

The third feature identified with UI is a new class called AnimatedImageDrawable. AnimatedImageDrawable uses RenderThread to animate the pictures so that it shouldn’t influence your app’s UI performance. It additionally utilizes worker thread for decoding pictures to keep all tasks away from UI thread. New API additionally showcases new approach for decoding pictures like Drawables and Bitmaps. Apart from typical features like making pictures, decoding or resizing, you would now be able to trim the pictures or use complicated effects like round corners. 

New media highlights 

Android P likewise includes new features and tools for handling media inside applications much better. The main component is MediaPlayer2 for showing video and audio. Android P additionally presents new HDR profile - High Dynamic Range (HDR) VP9 Profile 2. New profile permits to deliver HDR-empowered videos. 

Android P presents Multi-camera support too. It implies that developers would now be able to get to streams from both cameras simultaneously. You can also lessen the delays during initial capture and Surface sharing. Android P has also introduced support for external cameras (through USB). 

RTT API and Indoor Navigation 

Most fascinating update that has been presented in the most recent Android developer preview is RTT API - it allows to explore within the structures. Android P is compatible with new Wi-Fi standard 802.11mc also known as Wi-Fi RTT (Round Trip Time). Because of such a standard we will now be able to explore within the structures. Android P offers devoted RTT APIs that enable you to utilize the indoor navigation in your application. This is really a promising feature, particularly when consolidated to AR. 

Security Updates 

During every update, the most important area to look after are the Security updates. Google face complaints about security issues and when Android P is making its debut, it is committed to offer robust security measures with unique fingerprint authentication for applications and gadgets. Android P presents few highlights that enable engineers to improve security. The client needs to touch the fingerprint sensor for managing and positioning the content. 
The system fingerprint dialog can be accelerated with FingerprintDialog API. In this way, start using the new system immediately. The Network Security Configuration will help in blocking all the cleartext activity.

New implementation of hardware backed key store 

Android P presents brand new implementation of the Keymaster HAL module which is in charge of providing hardware backed capacities to Android Keystore. New implementation of the Keymaster HAL is called StrongBox Keymaster and enhances most pivotal features related to the Android cryptography. Strongbox keymaster is a module that permits the implementation of committed CPU, key storage and a random number generator. 

Secure key wrapper 

P gives us a new wrapper for Secret keys. It gives additional security features that can shield encryption keys from plaintext handling within the memory. Presently, you can import keys into the keystore in which they will be wrapped into a safe ASN.1 format as an extra insurance. 

Encrypted reinforcements 

One of the most intriguing security highlights is customer side encrypted backup. You would now be able to utilize application data backup with additional encryption on customer's side in light of client's password. 

P is coming 

Here we revealed some of the fascinating features that are included in the first preview of the Android P. In the event that you are searching for more data, take a look at the Google Developers Preview page. You would now be able to download Android P for your emulators or download the picture of new OS for your Pixel. The new feature list of Android 9 looks promising so far, but we only got to see the preview version. 

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