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Guidelines To Develop An Intuitive User Interface For Mobile Application

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Mobile applications have now become the new medium using which people perform most of their daily activities. Usually, an app that is eye-catching and feature-rich will provide the users with the apt experience they are looking for. The most important thing to be considered during the development of a post is the User interface and User experience of the mobile app.

Before digging deeper into developing a mobile app it is important to understand the target audience who will use the app mostly. The features and the user experience will be built based on the predefined target audience. 

The design of the mobile app will not matter until you have a perfect interface that increases the credibility of the mobile app. The interface design is a difficult task in itself as it involves a lot of details. To make the work easier, here are few points to design an excellent user interface for your mobile application.

  • App icon 

For a website, the homepage throws the first impression on the visitors, while an app icon is the first thing seen by the visitors of the app. The app icon should be able to entice users to download it. One of the major factors behind the failure or success of your app is the design of the icon.


– Your mobile application will be continually competing with many different applications, so use a unique symbol or shape that it is instantly recognizable. 

– Keep the name of the application little as instructed by the tenets with respect to the UI.

  • Graphics 

When planning graphics for a mobile app, the designer more often than not takes after the thumb rule "one graphic size for all gadgets", which is a wrong approach. Most likely, it reduces the time spent on building up the application yet it is extremely hurtful to the visual appeal of the application. 


– Design graphics that are custom fitted according to the screen of various gadgets. 

– The best graphics load rapidly and sum to a lovely user experience.

  • Spotlight on Users 

You should be all around practiced with the intended audience that you are planning to cater. Keep a record of all the statistic information your analytical application can follow. You should know the genuine reasons why they incline toward going by your application and the issue they face with your rivals. This will help you in planning the UI of the versatile application keeping in consideration with the pain points of the app users. 


– You can conduct a review or a face to face meeting to know the opinion on the design. 

– design pattern helps us offer a unified experience yet that ought not to be the main impetus

  • Fully responsive 

A standout amongst the most imperative things to remember while designing an application is that the UI should support each mobile devices and tablet. It ought to be outlined in such a way that each function of the application is usable on numerous gadgets and operating systems. Regardless of whether it is tweaking the media questions, JavaScript or CSS, it is essential to responsibly handle the issues identified with the display of the application. 


– Plan your content properly to make the mobile application completely responsive. Make your content more accessible and readable. 

– Before you begin coding the mobile application, design the layout. You will have the capacity to comprehend the look of the mobile application beforehand.

  • Focus on colors 

It is vital that you keep subtle animation to travel amongst screens and the shading that you pick for your mobile application ought to be picked wisely. Each shading shows a different meaning and summons a different feeling, so pick those hues which complement your brand. 


– Pick the shading palette that matches your present company hues as your mobile application should resemble an extension of your site. 

– If there is a change in color of button control after the click, it implies a user activity has been performed in light of an objective.

  • Keep it basic 

Keeping the design simple doesn't mean including very few graphics, it basically implies when a guests visit the application out of the blue they can utilize it with no tutorial exercise or instructions. Keep the UI simple which will enable the users to do the undertaking with simple steps. 

For instance 

– Using suitable colors will make the interface simple for the clients and will entice the users to download the application and visit the application more than once.


The previously mentioned points will enable your mobile device to give a kick start to your mobile design process. These tips will enable you to make an application which is straightforward and high on ease of use. As this is the period of mobile application and the market keeps on blasting with mobile app development, it is fundamental to figure out how to make an exceptional UI that puts over the message you are endeavoring to deliver.

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