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How can an Online Grocery Shopping App Help Grocery Business?

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There was a time when people used to visit the grocery store in nearby areas to buy household items. Gradually this concept was replaced by the Supermarkets, where one could shop more varieties of items. This trend is again changing, nowadays the majority of the people are opting for online grocery stores with the help of mobile apps.

Actually, the on-demand grocery apps have turned out to be popular and there has been a huge surge in the number of such mobile apps. As per a report, around 43% of the customers said that they would prefer mobile applications in contrast with conventional grocery stores. 

If we take things with respect to revenue generation, there are some pleasant figures for the application developers. As per statistics, top 5 grocery apps have approximately raised about $120 million income in a matter of three months in 2015.

As we are seeing a rise in the percentage rate of the e-commerce applications, the grocery-based applications are also following similar footsteps. These mobile applications are developed based on the same design where the customer can discover a range of things under different categories. 

1. Time Saved with Online Grocery Apps

Do you know why e-commerce excelled in this intense business competition?  Because it is time-saving people! Now you don't need to visit the nearby store and walk around to buy household items.
As per a report by Time Use Institute, the average time a man spends at the supermarket is around 41 minutes and if that is multiplied by 1.5 trips for every week, it will account to almost 53 hours a year. With online grocery app, you can place your order anywhere from anyplace and it will be delivered to your address. 

2. The Facility of Order Tracking

We discussed the comfort level of the clients and convenience factor that the grocery applications are offering to the clients. However, there are some other imperative reasons why its request has all of a sudden rose. 
A report by Morgan Stanley tells that, the online grocery has expanded from 21% to 34% in 2016. Groceries are must things so if you get the facility to track your order, it would make your shopping more hassle-free. The users will have the capacity to know the status of their order and furthermore track the delivery ensuring when it will be conveyed at their doorstep. 

3. The chance to Get Aware of Consumer Behavior 

Customer conduct is a term which we have probably known in economics and is quite applicable to the grocery application business too. Considering the situation today it has turned out to be a key business strategy for entrepreneurs to gather important data about the clients. 

Also, you can likewise know what time people would prefer to do the shopping. What do they choose more? How are they going to pay: online payment or Cash on Delivery? All these data are basic to get an insight into customer conduct. You can offer tailored service to your users in light of this vital information. 

4. Profit the Benefits of Discount and Offers 

Ever since the number of grocery applications increased, the competition is getting harder. Once in a while, we find online grocery applications popping up with some luring offers and providing discounts for the clients. This discount is accessible on relatively every item available in the store. 
Furthermore, they also offer coupons and cash back on purchases over a certain amount. Therefore, it is the user that utilizes the advantages of such offers in the end.

5. Get the Widest Range of Products and Brands 

The upside of having a grocery application in your smartphone isn't simply limited to avail the benefits of discounts yet in addition to choosing from a wide variety of items and brands. Maybe an item of a particular brand is expensive and doesn’t suit your budget. You have other alternatives and brands to choose from. 
Thus, grocery application has an item for every one of its users that can well fit inside their budget. 

6. Makes Loyalty Program 

You know extremely well that one of the essential points of developing a mobile application is probably to conduct loyalty program where you add new users and keep the current ones. However, before conducting a loyalty program, it is smarter to first analyze how much income the current clients can generate. You can offer your users special offers and reward points for being loyal to your grocery delivery app. 

7. Convenient Payment Options 

Similar to e-commerce applications, the grocery applications also provide convenient payment alternatives to their clients. You can pay through net banking or use your debit, credit card as well. 
Then again, you can likewise pick cash on delivery. Some grocery applications offer extra discounts if you pay via online transactions. 


Without a doubt, the groceries are the most fundamental things that are utilized on a daily basis. We may have a specific timetable for purchasing groceries but when we have an extravaganza of a mobile application, we can place an order at any time whether it maybe a couple things or a long list of the things. What's more, it also helps in sparing a lot of time and money as well.

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