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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

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How much does it cost to a mobile app?" - this is probably the most frequently asked question every mobile app development company has to face. There are many apps in the App Store and Google Play in more than 50 unique categories with different highlights and serves different purposes. A research firm, AYTM took a survey which included 100 plus mobile app developers and the result states that, it takes just about 18 weeks to design and distribute a standard native mobile app, with all back-end and front-end process. The 'time' factor and the cost of building up an app are interrelated and every app has got different market shares too. But, how much would it cost to make one?

Generally, low costs and high efficiency are what everyone is searching for, regardless of whether you're from the India, UK, the USA or Ukraine. We know this exceptionally well since we create iOS and Android apps for startups and established organization everywhere throughout the world.

What Factors Go Into App Development Cost?

If you want your product to be an instant success, you must increase your investment which leads you to more specialized expertise in Android and iOS app development such as Mindster. Over that, hard-coding your product is only one bit of the process, and a team that don’t have experts in designing and strategists will make your costs explode on the most distant side of launch.

A successful mobile app development team should comprise of:

  • A designer who designs all the visual effects that will be coded into the project.
  • An account manager who acts as a contact for customers and works with product supervisors and owners to organize the finish of various tasks.
  • A product manager who executes the functionalities of a director by administering the app.
  • Engineers experienced in optimizing products for the necessities of iPhone and Android devices.

The Length of Development Time

Let’s assume you're going to launch a product that meets a particular need and opens up chances to grab a market segment. A big company and a moderate sized enterprise may both quote a reasonable amount to deliver a product. The difference is that the big organization sticks to a waterfall procedure, specifying the needed specification after recruiting the lowest bidder, while the medium sized enterprise utilizes an agile process. Mindster’s development time is an average of 10 weeks to work out the design and development stages using an agile procedure.

The main steps in an app development are:

  • Project kickoff
  • Product design run - 3 weeks
  • Design and improvement runs - from 6 to 8 weeks
  • Launch of MVP

The Core Features of the App

Even a simple e-commerce app consists of striking software components in the background. Concentrating on the core app highlights will move the needle up or down on the cost required in developing a beta and the final product. A professional product strategist will do a background check on whether the core features you want to add is, in fact, the correct highlights for the best user experience.

The Scope for MVP and Amount of Seed Funding

The universal cost range for getting a Minimum Viable Product is somewhat in between 3500 USD to 6000 USD regardless of the level of expertise of the development company. According to our point of view, a startup will require a certain amount of money which will help the company to run for a couple of months. After that, they will have to raise another strategy for funding which will give them a chance to build the prototype they validated in the initial phase or even take them to a level higher.

Now you could understand why developing an app right from the beginning of the process will benefit you if you are the next Uber or Big Basket.

Who Works on Building a Mobile App?

Every team will be different in each department but an excellent Mobile App development team should include:

  • A designer to design visual effects.
  • An account manager for the customers to discuss their needs.
  • A product manager who oversees the procedures.
  • Developers to streamline the product for rollout.

Various Stages of a Mobile App Development

  • Design: The cost for designing relies upon the complexity of the app. App configuration is figured on the basis of the complexity of the project.
  • Development: The cost of developing an app depends upon the complexity, features to be added, the platform on which the app will run. The cost of Android and iOS app development depend upon the time expected to execute certain app features.
  • Testing: Testing is an important part of mobile app development. Around 40% of the development budget is spent on the testing of an app.
  • Deployment: Deployment usually requires less amount of time. Deployment process incorporates authorizing and distributing on the Google's Play store and Apple's App store.
  • Maintenance cost of an app: The maintenance plan should incorporate what new highlights and functionalities will be introduced. As per the study by “Forrester”, 30% of organizations refresh their mobile app every month, while 53% do it at regular intervals.
  • App enhancement:  The cost of developing an app doesn't simply end with the development of an app. The maintenance of an app is extremely important even after the app is developed. Basically, the app maintenance cost ranges from 20-30% of the aggregate cost of mobile app development. For example, if you design an app for $4000 then you should pay around $800 every year to maintain that app.

  • App marketing: Smartphones has become an integral part of our life. The mobile app simply designed better isn't sufficient, it needs to gain attention from people. Clients should see the app, attempt it and like it, and this isn't conceivable unless you enlighten them regarding your app. There is not a fixed price for marketing, it relies upon what kind of promoting channel you pick. Promoting an app needs a legitimate budget.

To What Extent Does it takes to build an App?

Finally, the timeframe, the development team, complex features and maintenance cost after the deployment of the app defines the overall cost of developing a mobile app. Mindster incorporates an agile process that you won't experience at other companies, generally, we develop a fully functional app in about 10 weeks.

If you are prepared to step toward building your application, our team is available 24*7 for your assistance. Mindster’s strategists are prepared to talk about the unique requirements of your project — use our Chabot below to convey your requirements.

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