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How to use Taxi Booking Apps for a safe and memorable journey

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Need a taxi in India? There’s no need to stand in long queues or keep an eagle’s eye in order to find that one empty cab among hoards of cabs passing by. The advancement of technology has not only been in the field of finance but also in other sectors including getting hassle free cab services. Technologists have made new inventions as well as innovations in the field of development in applications. To ease the work of regular taxi users, taxi booking apps have been developed. All you need to do is install these apps in your smart phones to avail these comfortable rides.

These applications have been developed to make one person’s work easier but all in all instead of making the work easier these applications also come in with several glitches including malfunction of apps to a few security glitches. Due to some technical complications, the taxi booking app sometimes becomes confusing for a layman. Listed below are a few tips for booking taxi via use of applications for a safe and a memorable journey.

How to use these apps:

Taxi booking applications come inbuilt with two options

a)Ride Now

b)Ride Later

Ride Now: This option helps to book the taxi immediately for that particular time when a customer has opted to book it. If you are just one person, you can opt to share your cab with another rider.

Ride Later: This option is used for booking taxi for any time later. The later time can be either within 12 hours from booking or within the time frame of 7 days. The ride later option is also very useful for airport drops because you can ensure that your cab picks you up on time and avoid the last minute hurry to get a cab.

After the cab is booked, the payment method needs to be selected. The user can opt to pay by cash once the desired destination is reached or to make the payment via payment gateway which is linked to the taxi booking application.

Types of cars

These applications not only allow the user to select the pick-up time but also the type of car for the travel. The user can select from a wide range of cars from hatchbacks to sedans to SUVS and even luxury cars. A few of the taxi apps also have tie ups with the local transport where the customer can take a ride in options like auto-rickshaws and shuttle at the end of the taxi trip.

Fare Estimate and charges

  • An estimate of the fare is shown on the app dashboard before confirmation of the cab but the fare shown on the taxi dispatch app window and the actual fare charged is often different due to travel time and traffic.
  • If you want to cancel a trip which has been booked by you, you are expected to do that within 5 minutes of booking the taxi. If the ride is cancelled later than 5 minutes, the person is required to pay the cancellation fees. The booking should always be done in much in advance so that one can avoid the peak charges. This also ensures that you get a cab at the time you want it.

Safety measures:

If the user is travelling alone, the user can send an SMS with the ride link which allows the person to track the ride to ensure safety. Always take note of landmarks before travelling to an unknown destination. There is also a danger option in the dashboard which can be clicked on if the driver is taking a wrong direction. This button sends signals to various local stations which help the police track you and your safety is ensured always. In addition to this, the customer gets all the information via email or SMS as soon as he/she books the ride.

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