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Important Things to Consider While Designing a Mobile Application


For a mobile UI/UX Designer, each new day is like to create a story, a voice, and an identity for the clients by building their app. The task of designing a perfect app is not an easy one. A number of processes have to be chained to reach the success. Here are those important things that need to be considered while creating the perfect mobile app for your business.

Once a project is handed over to the designer, the very first step is to do a research. Research the company, research their competitors and also the no. of applications that exist in the same field. Researching the company gives the designer, an overview of their services and products. Also it gives an idea of, why this company needs to develop such an app.

UX Design=User Experience
Once the research is done, it’s better to start drawing the mainframe. This is where the ‘story’ begins, where testing the user cases and general flow of the application are the major process to be done. Or else it would be like, “It looks pretty or cool, but it doesn’t function”.
Next step after drawing: Designer would go to the computer and start creating the pre-designed drawing in wireframe. Here, the designer can make use of various tools like Photoshop, Gliffy, HotGloo etc.

UI Design-User Interface
In this step, the designer fills the wireframe with actual design of the interface. Or it can be stated as “This is where the wireframe comes to life!”
The major steps included in this process are setting up the screen properly in Photoshop and adding color, images, buttons, navigation bar etc.
Review, Refine and Repeat
This is the part where the designer presents his design to a client or colleague. This process takes time and yes, it can be tedious. It’s not a big thing, taking time as designer to make sure everything is refined to perfection. Now, it’s time to handover the project to the developer.


Deliver and Test This is the phase where you deliver the assets, i.e. backgrounds, buttons, icons, etc. to the developer and is the last step in the design process. Here, the designer makes sure that all screens are labeled so there is no confusion. He may also send the entire project as a PDF (including flowchart) as a reference for future.
Taking care of all the above mentioned things may not be an easy task for you or your team. It requires a lot of time and scrutiny to develop an app that truly reflects your business and is optimized for conversion. Mindster has an excellent team of developers who are experts in this field and can help you with your mobile app development. So why not let the experts handle this task for you?

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