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iOS 11 Features. What's in store? How to Test Them?

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Apple's recent event in sept 2017 has unveiled the secrets of iOS 11 and introduced the public its new features and services. So now the question is, what should we anticipate from the new generation of Apple OS for iPhones and iPads? Our group has been investigating the new iOS 11 rendition for a while now and we can help you guide with some of the great features and upgrades which you can discover in the new OS. We have gathered some useful tips through which you can make your mobile application be prepared for it. 

What are the new highlights of iOS 11? 

1. Customizable Control Panel 

Apple states that the new iOS is an extraordinary leap for the iPhones and iPads. One of the iOS 11 upgrades include a brand new Control panel. It isn't only a set of options, the panel is transformed into a different page where multiple areas and easy routes are showcased. Moreover, the volume and other settings can be found there. The new control panel is more practical, as it enables clients to alter the settings and turn them on and off.

How can I prepare my application for the new iOS 11 features? 

When the control panel is being utilized together with the testing application, ensure that your application keeps working easily and passes through all the interruption tests effectively. Try to explore the panel and change a few settings. This will help in verifying that the application works quickly during the testing. 
One more thing to focus on is the application's behavior in the background – the testers need to set up a thorough plan and ensure the application doesn't crash while you are engaged in other apps. 

2. Multitasking dock for iPads 

The new iOS 11 dock for iPads influences it to work precisely like a Mac. This feature was previously accessible only from the home screen, but now the dock would be reached by swiping the bottom of the display. The iOS 11 dock can contain up to 13 apps, and this is generally enough to have your Instagram, Skype, Mail and some other frequently used applications at the tips of your fingers. 
The multitasking option enables you to open two applications simultaneously and actively work with both the apps. The second application will have appeared as a pop-up, and you can without much of a stretch close it by swiping back to continue working with the main application. 

How might I set up my application for the iOS 11 highlights? 

Ensure you don't put the UI components at the bottom, as they will be undetectable for the user when the dock is enabled. Does your application launch quickly in case you open it from the dock directly? 
Is the application's performance becoming low when you use it in the Split View alongside another application? Your group of testers ought to make enough experiments to cover every one of the functionalities. 

3. Files application 

Clients now have more control over their data and can adjust them utilizing the Native ‘files’ application. It's not a mystery that Apple iOS 11 won't give access to the entire system as it may be very dangerous. Users, however, will have the capacity to completely manage with their data when they are saved locally on their iPhones and iPads, or the files located on the cloud services. The application works precisely like Finder on Mac and is equipped with search options which makes navigation through different data substantially simpler. 

How would I set up my application for this component? 

While developing an application, consider including an integration of your application with the Files. In this case, your application will be accessible in the Files application listing. This will attract advanced users who might want to learn more about the iOS framework. 

4. Intuitive 

Another intriguing feature of iOS 11 on iPad is the drag and drop feature. It allows the exchange of pictures, photographs, videos and archives between applications. It is likewise possible to tag the essential files or mark them as your favorites. 

5. Clever Siri 

Apple users got used to Siri as a personal assistant, however, with iOS 11 it has transformed into something bigger. Siri will now learn and adapt to user habits and inclinations and respond to questions based on past experience. Therefore, you can expect not just quicker and more significant answers from it .but also more anticipation on what you would ask next. Siri's voice has additionally been enhanced in iOS 11, and now sounds more natural and practical. 

What should the developer and tester recall? 

A great improvement was made to the current Sirikit API. The list of application types Siri can work with has been expanded and now incorporates task administration, online payments etc. Before launching your application to the App Store, ensure the integration testing has been satisfied completely and that Siri is an inherent part of your application. At Mindster, we have a team of experts that are prepared to make all the essential tests for you. 

6. Updated notifications 

Notifications are gathered in one place in iOS 11. The system shows you the most recent notification alongside the older ones and does so in a same tab. 

7. Enhanced Maps 

Apple introduced new features to the Maps application. Presently it shows the speed limits, which is extremely useful while driving. Another intriguing feature in the maps is that it helps you to explore inside shopping malls and airports, decreasing the chance of getting lost. 

8. Augmented reality Changed 

Understanding the importance and notoriety of augmented reality developments, Apple has presented its ARKIt to the universe of developers. You can expect futuristic application developed in iOS in the coming years. AR applications don’t need any special equipment or different sensors, and this makes them truly user-friendly. The ARKit will likewise help in improving the current AR applications, for example, the well-known Pokémon Go application, and place them to a whole new level. 

What should be checked? 

iOS 11 is the first Apple OS variant with many AR tools. The QA team ought to be prepared for the detailed testing process. Test how smooth your AR application works with different devices and their camera and see what happens when you turn on the Camera application on your iPhone or iPad. The AR application has various parameters to be tested. Other than that, it is important to test the application on each Apple iPhone and iPad. This influences the testing process of AR applications more convoluted than the testing of non-AR applications and games. 

To test your AR application legitimately, remember that you have to cover two sections: to test all the functionality and to check how smooth the UX is. To deliver the best UX, the QA team should always remember how critical the accessibility testing is. Augmented reality applications have an effect on the human body because of their immersive structures, the task of the testers is to check if the application users are comfortable when playing and exploring it. 

The main focus of AR applications are gamers, and you should realize that 20 % of game users have a disability. Talking about a more common testing approach, we have to emphasize that the testers team ought to have enough understanding and skills to execute the performance, usefulness and integration testing. 

Final note

Having attempted all the new features of iOS 11, we arrived at the conclusion that it will be the next OS version, as well as the variant that will truly enhance the general Apple user experience, and bring new, imperative, and helpful features to public. 

We know that it is so important to set up your application for the new OS version. Mindster’s team of expert is prepared to help you to check if your application is prepared for iOS app development. We have all the most recent iPhones and iPads within reach to test the application and to detect bugs and other defects. Make sure to test your iOS application right now to ensure your application meets every requirements of the new iOS.

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