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iOS Vs. Android App Development: A Comprehensive Guide for Your Startup

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Mobile App Development sector is going through its golden phase as the number of apps being uploaded to the major app store is at an all-time high. Application developers are burying themselves in work, developing the most advanced software apps for both Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store. Clearly, the numbers are more than encouraging.

While Android leads the mobile app sector followed by iOS when numbers are considered, still we get to hear from users despite Google providing it’s service to iPhone users as well. However, there is a structured problem-solving process that will help you in decision making. We all know that both iOS and Android Development go parallel and around 800 million iPhones have discovered their loyal users, Android applications nestle around iOS applications in a similar manner. iOS and Android are the primary platforms on which mobile app developers code. 

Key Arena you should consider before going for iOS versus Android App Development 

  • See whether the coding process is same on both iOS and Android 
  • Is iOS development considerably more complicated and advanced than Android development? 
  • Do you feel that Google Play forgets about all imperfections and application store never does? 
  • Are all the adaptation models same for both iOS and Android platforms? 
  • Does both the iOS and Android application share the same target audience? 
  • Does iOS development consumes more time and expensive? 

Android App Development versus iOS App Development – What's changing? 

1. Cost of developing iOS and Android Applications 

Android applications will make your code more as the code must be composed in Java or Kotlin rather than iOS wherein you are required to code in Swift. Android is unquestionably time-consuming because of greater development and testing time. A similar application if created in iOS will cost 30% less because of less coding, testing and consequent bug removal time. 

2. Most Recent Releases 

Android has an edge when it comes to new updates and approval process. It is more advantageous and less expensive on Google Play Store than on Apple App Store. 

3. Chronology

Timing is extremely important when you are facing stiff competition from your competitor in the market. A small delay may affect your ranking and diversion among your potential target audience.

4. Adaptation models and productivity 

Both Android and iOS have their own different technique to generate income. While Android has in-application ads and freemium display, iOS has freemium and premium purchases that are best application models. 

5. What does statistical survey depict? 

  • Understand the demographics to comprehend who your target audience is. While iOS users are generally from the younger generation, and have a tendency to spend more time and money on in-application purchases and typically download education, business and lifestyle applications from App Store. 
  • iOS customers are less yet they come from an entirely different group and have generally higher application engagement rates as they spend more time and make in-app purchases when compared to Android Users. 
  • Android gets significantly more application downloads in the worldwide market than iOS users. For people living in South America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe – Android application will be valuable as the majority of the population is from lower to middle age groups. 

Whom should I target? 

iOS audience has been more faithful than Android users. While a lion share of Android users originates from developing countries and lower income groups, they have different interests and preferences when compared with iOS users. 

Who should create iOS and Android applications? 

It is difficult to locate the right person who has knowledge and expertise in developing both Android and also iOS applications, however, to begin with, it is essential to partner with the right vendor who knows about application development lifecycle and is conscious about the expenses and timely delivery models. 

Summing Up 

Deciding between the two isn't an easy job. Apple devices run on iOS and Google devices on the Android Operating System. Android has the bigger share in the market on a global scale, with a wide variety of Android devices accessible in the market. This factor must not be considered as the best decision for development and launch strategy. Everything comes down to the primary functionality of your application and your organization's target market audience. 

You would probably want to increase your customer base, and in doing so, you would wish to develop the application on both the iOS and Android platform. But, that will cost you a great deal of money. 

There is a surge in demand to hire android app developers as the Android customer base is increasing each passing year. Nowadays more women own an iPhone than men. However, there must be something huge if you wish to build up your marketing strategy around it. There are certain reasons to employ iOS application developers. iPhone users have: 

  • Higher commitment 
  • Higher educational degrees 
  • More purchasing power 
  • Invest more time in in-app purchases

In any case, it is more likely that you will find your target market within the Android users, as they totally rule the web and mobile market globally. 

There is a 50/50 split between Android and iOS users. To spice it up, the majority of the Android users open push notification than iOS users. Android users will probably pot to receive more notifications. 

In addition, the cost per install (CPI) for Android Apps is half than that of iOS applications. But, Android users have fewer chances to opt for in-app purchases and in this manner, this might not be a pleasant news for the e-commerce industry. Therefore, the long-term customer relationship isn't attainable with Android application users. 

By going through all the facts that have been provided, Android app development isn’t advisable for new companies due to their development time and cost, when compared with iOS application development. If you are thinking of hiring a mobile app development company to build an app for your business. Feel free to contact us.

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