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Mobile App Design and Development Trends that is going to Boom in 2018

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It was recently revealed that there are over 2.6 billion smartphone users all over the world. Besides, by 2020 the quantity of users may ascend to 6.1 billion which is more than the entire world population in 1999.

Aside from this, in 2015, Google officially declared that there are more people browsing the internet through smartphones than by desktop. In April 2017, the number of people utilizing Android to browse the internet ended up noticeably bigger than the people using Windows. 

Finally it was revealed that around 85% of people spend on their smartphones is on apps. These few stunning figures are, all alone, enough to explain why the application development industry is currently on a golden phase. In light of this, here are a few trends that are going to boom in 2018. 

Internet of things (IoT) 

With IoT, the line between the real and digital world is getting blurry. With apps accessing the data related to your daily life, it is not at all surprising that one day it will control your home. 
Right now, we are witnessing many smart homes, lighting system and thermostats. So, for people who are intending to try their hand in application development in 2018 should think in this direction. 


Recently, we came to know the fact that 62 percent of users made at least a single transaction in the last 6 years with e commerce. Witnessing such trends, more and more traditional retailers are adopting the same methodology  to enable their clients to pay through their smartphones in stores, which makes it into another trend that is expected to boom in 2018. 

Accelerated mobile pages

A normal internet user anticipates to load your page within 2 seconds. Inability to do as such may result in increasing the bounce rate of the site. Facts states that a responsive web design is the best way to improve the overall customer experience.

The best way to achieve a responsive design on mobile phone is to use AMP. Aside from increasing the number of users and diminishing the number of migration efforts, through this methodology you can increase the CTR (click through rate) for your app and websites. 

AR and VR applications 

We came e to know the power of AR and VR apps when Pokémon was launched in 2016. People started chasing Pokémon in parks and. But this particular trend didn’t catch on, it changed the perspective of the people in app development.

Another ideal case of this trend is through Snapchat, which constrained Instagram and Facebook to introduce filters. In other words, the world just seems more ambient through the screen of a phone. 

Something else that is important to notice is that although 2016 was thought to be an enormous year for the VR, this was restricted for PCs and consoles. Obviously, there were various endeavors in the past to carry VR into the spotlight and a few gadgets like The Google Daydream View Credit, Samsung Gear VR Credit and Google's Cardboard headset have done an excellent job in the past.

All things considered, the way to the flourishment of this industry will not be effected in device development but in app development. Same as with AR, the universe of mobile VR is waiting for the right app to set this trend again. This is something we may see in 2018. 

Cloud based apps

Mobile cloud traffic is increasing at an enormous rate with an increase of around 2 percent every year. By the year 2019, it is expected to achieve 90 %, which would imply that 9 out of 10 of all applications will have some cloud-based functions to them. 

This trend also comes with numerous advantages, including a handier method for storing information and global access to data from various terminals. Sadly, there are still a few concerns in regards to the overall safety of the cloud, most of the previous issues have just been settled. 

By the day's end, these five patterns are only a small piece of thoughts that may come to govern the web application development industry. 

Just keep in mind, that these are just hypotheses we are making in view of the present situation. The only way to tell the exact landscape of app development is wait and watch.
In case you require our expert help in developing web or mobile applications, please feel free to reach us out.

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