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Top Mistakes to Avoid While Outsourcing Mobile App Development

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In order to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment, managing the time is the primary quality one must perceive. Suppose you have an exciting mobile app idea. However, you have no idea on the best way to execute the thought and bring it into reality. Don’t worry; guidance is available to solve this mystery, that spares time as well as adds depth to the nature of work since they are the masters of that particular field.

Though the question arises on how to choose the right mobile app developers from the from a sea of app developers?

Ios and android app development outsourcing to some other organization needs a full-proof plan. One single mistake and your investment is gone.

Whenever a new app idea arises in your mind, and you want the latest features and functionalities to be included in your app, excitement increases significantly that we need to have it developed before it is developed by someone else.

Thanks to this startup era and the competitive technology that supports it. Every day, you hear some random app idea has come up and a startup has invested in it. In such a competitive world, we also need to ensure that we don't commit mistakes in a hurry to make it successful. The most essential stage is to hire the right mobile app development company to outsource your app idea to be designed and developed.

Here most businesses make some mistakes due to which their idea of the mobile app is rejected or not being produced properly, timely and efficiently. However, in the end, you will get it developed right from some other company who gets it right and become successful.

#1 Poor Market Research

Like most business choices, mobile app development outsourcing also needs due to research. When you decide to outsource your app development process, failing to gather apt information and enough data about your technology partner is highest on the list of mistakes you can make here. When you actually do not know the team you hire, you are literally setting yourself up for a series of unpleasant surprises.

The initial call that you have with a prospective partner may go impressively well but, is that enough to help you to make this choice? Thus, it is important to meet with many offices so as to compare teams, pricing plans, strategies, and afterward focus on a firm that comprehends the vision you have for your organization, offer their technical skill to you, and help you develop an application that would achieve the objectives you set for your business.

Explore their previous works, understand the sort of experience they have, experience the kind of case studies they have, go through relevant case studies and reviews from credible sources. The best way to find out whether the company is good enough is to check if the previous clients are satisfied with the final product they achieved and the services offered.

Study well the app development company and their brand. This brand should have a  functional website and an active social media presence. Also, a blog on the website can turn out to be a great way to understand the firm and their approach towards mobile app development.

#2 Picking the Team in a Rush

When you set out to outsource ios app development and android app development, it is not just choosing someone that comes your way to entrust the support and development, instead find a partner.  

The company you select should have achieved various awards and recognitions which gives you an impression that they are perfect for you, however when you go for it, that association may become miserable. This might have happened since the company has extensive knowledge in one field but less or no expertise in some areas which you expect to have.

Thus it is a sincere suggestion not to choose your accomplice in a rush, instead focus on every perspective including the strengths and shortcomings of the organization and pay attention if it correctly fits your vision.

#3 Choosing Cost over Quality

If you are a business owner, then money should be of higher priority in your mind. However, cost should not be considered over the quality of resources while hiring a mobile app development company. Often companies try to woo you with attractive prices for your project; however when you get a quote that is significantly lower than others, then it is imperative to explore deeply and understand the roots.

Also get quotes from other agencies and study the aspects like planned hours, budget, pricing of individual features that play an essential role in the accomplishment of your goals.

#4 Hiring from the Neighborhood or Failure to Take the Time Difference into Account

At times it will be better to look for a partner who is conveniently placed, or someone whom you are familiar with, however, it is not always recommended to fall for this just because of familiarity. Though you might be having the best firms in your neighborhood, narrowing your search only to them is not advisable. The aim is to build a robust mobile app that satisfies all the objectives although your partner is a thousand miles away.

Another perspective to this aspect is that the process of mobile app development requires intense communication between you and the team you choose to hire and there will be chances that both the team are located in different countries. The time difference in different places may cause hold-ups and delays or even miscommunication. So try to avoid these mistakes especially for those projects that are based on tight deadlines.

#5 Lack of Clarity in Requirements

This is the fundamental thing among all. Unless you give them clarity on what you want, the chances of delivering to you correctly become thin. For this, initially, the responsibilities and obligations should be made completely clear. Opportunities to assume things should not be left since no one possibly read the minds. In the end both you and the app developers, both will be dissatisfied with the whole experience.

You and the entire team in your company should probably agree on the most fundamental and essential aspects that would consist of the following:

  • Payment terms
  • Project deadlines
  • Pre-defined milestones and estimated sprint flow
  • Tech and business requirements of the app
  • Design, wireframes and mockup details.
  • Details of the app submissions and its updates
  • QA testing of the app.

It is essential to have a project who checks with the requirements on both ends. This is important since this gives the developers a sole focus on the development rather than indulging in the discussions of the project manager.

#6 Failing to Use Best Practices of Project Management

If you wish to get exactly the app by outsourcing your mobile app development and forgetting about it for months, you are going to be in a great shock. This is going to be a project with high stakes and you should check on a daily basis. Assign this responsibility to an internal resource within your organization
We encourage you to track all the essential milestones carefully, yet also utilize some excellent project management tools. You can likewise ask the application development firm to give you access to their internal project management tool so that the collaboration is not restricted to phone calls and emails alone.

#7 Not Laying Enough Emphasis on Communication

The app development process Is not just coding. If the communication channel is not right, then the final product cannot be delivered with all its abilities to achieve the objectives and goals. If the communication channel and the feedback process is disorganized, it would be difficult to monitor.
Keep your communication channels open, and offer crisp information for any query from the developers while asking those updates on the progress of your app development.  A communication breakdown puts you in high risk and might not even leave you a way out of the mess you might land up in.

#8 Insufficient Testing

If you have been in the business for quite a while or have been dabbling with the idea to launch your business, you are probably aware of the importance of testing the product optimally before the launch. If you are going to avoid this aspect, you are going to have an app that would be full of bugs and probably crash very often. This would eventually take you beyond your financial plans. Apart from this if a considerable measure of errors is found in the initial review then it is going to stunt against the chances of getting enough downloads.

Right at the beginning, clarify if a provision for testing is available for the project because an app launched without being tested is eventually going to be a complete waste of money.

#9 Not Owning the Source Code

Whatever you decide to relinquish, do not abandon the ownership of the source code. Therefore when you prepare the contract with your partner company ensure to add this clause, failing of which can lead you to trouble if you are planning to take your business to the next level.

#10 Failing to Plan for Post-Release Support

The after release or post-release period is crucial, though it is not clear to you today, you will understand this soon enough. A startup that places everything into their MVP and neglects to get ready for the post-release phase is basically going to fail without leaving a trace.

Most businesses might have already committed these 10 mistakes and because of which we could share these with you. What's more, if you are planning to outsource your mobile app development, take care not to repeat these mistakes.

Additionally, to avoid from adding another mistake of yours here in the list, connect with our app experts before you outsource mobile app development to some random company.

Mindster is a mobile app development company who can assist you with any kind of mobile app development services. Apart from that Mindster also provides ready-made solutions like taxi dispatch software, grocery app development, etc. on both iOS and Android platforms.

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