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11 Mistakes to Avoid While Outsourcing Mobile App Development

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Outsourcing is not a technique which evolved along with technology. The roots run back to times unknown. Way back in the 18th century, Peter the Great, while steering the Mighty Roman Empire, engaged this powerful technique of outsourcing to create a unique blend of tradition and culture to provide a better life for his subjects. Moving forward, we can see how Meiji used military outsourcing in Japan during the 20th century. 

From the above citations, we can conclude that outsourcing is an ancient and wise technique if implemented carefully. Now, turning the clock to the present, let’s see the importance of outsourcing in the contemporary world. Mobile app development is the most desired skills in the present scenario. The question is, will outsourcing always be a success? Let’s look into some stories which will shed the light of confidence in outsourcing. 


Success Stories

Here are some success stories which will heighten your confidence in effective outsourcing.


  •  Alibaba

We all might have heard about European countries outsourcing to Asian countries for their projects. But the E-Commerce giant, Alibaba, outsourced their IT development to techies of North America thus equipped them with sufficient resources which were unavailable in China during that time. There is no chance for doubt about Alibaba being a success in the world market now.  


  • P&G

The mighty P&G has outsourced their R&D activities regarding product launch, and they could boost their productivity by up to 60%. 


  • Slack

What began as a small tool for internal communication, when released externally after outsourcing to rework on the features, turned out to be a massive success. Slack is one of the most used business communication software in the tech field today.


Analyzing their success help us understand something. The above companies have met success as a result of carefully selecting the outsourcing resources. Let's have a detailed look at some of the mistakes which people commonly tend to make while outsourcing mobile application development.


1. Hiring the Cheapest Agency in Market

The price is always a concern for everyone. When a group of humans together form an institution, this concern gets accelerated further. To solve this, companies tend to hire the lowest charging outsourcing agency for their work. The financial concerns might be eased out for the time being. But the low quality work is going to cost you much more in the future. While you outsource the mobile app development process for personal or enterprise needs, make sure that you do not compromise on quality by signing up with the lowest bidder in the market. 


2. Skipping Market Research

To get your mobile application running and kicking in its full glory, choosing the very first freelancer, you come across in the market won't help. You need someone who has done something in the past and who knows how everything works. People with experience guarantee reliability. While choosing a partner to get your mobile app, it would be better if you dig into their previous work profile. Go through the previous works they have done and got an idea about their capabilities. Make sure they have done at least two projects in the same area. The last thing you want on your team is someone who doesn't know what to do with the assignment you present before them. 


3. Miscommunication or Lack of Communication

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship, be it official or personal. Communicating your goals properly and clearly with the one whom you choose to create your mobile app, will help to keep both of you on the same page. Conveying the importance of your work to the freelancer is basic. Miscommunication is equally lethal as lack of communication. Both have the potential to throw your works under if not avoided. 


4. Forgetting to check the job success score

Upwork awards every active freelancer a success score based on the quality and quantity of their work. Many factors like client satisfaction and feedback. Choosing someone who has the best Upwork job success score to create your mobile app will increase the chances of getting the best results. The score increases if the same company outsource their work to twice to the same person.  Similarly, the score goes down if negative feedback is registered. So checking the JSS(Job Success score) of the freelancer is important before outsourcing your mobile app development.


5. Not Communicating the Deadlines

Not explaining how long you will need their services will never go down good in your contract. So take time to enlighten the freelancer or mobile app development company you choose, about the timeframe. This will help the developer or the company to assess the time they need to get the job done. Timely planning and execution will benefit the project in the short term as well as long term. 


6. Not Owning the Source Code

Source code is the human-readable backend of your mobile application. While outsourcing, this source code is created by the agency or developer you hire. If you do not have the source code with you, every time you need an edit or update, you will be compelled to approach the same person whom you hired in the first place. If you trust the developer or freelancer, good for you. Let your trust save you. But in some cases, the freelancer may use the source code for some malpractices like asking for additional charges when you ask the source code back. So to be on the safer side, make sure that you discuss the source code handling even from the beginning. 


7. Not Heeding the Time Zone Differences

Time zone differences is a boon and a curse at the same time. With the time zone differences comes the cost differences and also the communication gap. I bet waiting for 24 hours to get a reply is not something you will look forward to. Hiring an agency several time zones away to develop a mobile application is not a big issue. But when the proper communication is being threatened it might turn one. So while outsourcing the process, confirm that the communication will be prompt and smooth. 


8. Ignoring the Latest Trends

The last thing you want is an outdated mobile app. Hire someone who knows how the trend works and how it might turn out to be in the future. To understand more about the freelancer, you plan to hire, go through their public profiles like social media and blog. Surf through their posts and see whether they update the latest trends over there. Subscribing to their blog and adding them to your social media will also give you a picture of how updated they are about the changing trends. 


9. Outsourcing the Wrong Area

 While creating a mobile application, there might be some areas where you can do it in-house. There is no point in outsourcing a process when you can do it yourself. You may need to read a complete guide to outsourcing to effectively get the job done. The bottom line is that, before you outsource a process, ensure that it is necessary and it is something which needs higher knowledge and resources than you can afford. 


10. Do Not Make the Same Mistake Twice

Human beings tend to stick onto things they are familiar with, even if it’s a mistake. STOP doing that now. Never commit something which you have done before and ended up in not so good terms. Believe your instincts and never go for something you know will be a mistake. Learn from your mistakes. 


11. Not Trusting the Developers

Once you entitle your job to be done by a freelancer, trust them. Interrupting them by involving at every stage might leave them in bad trust. This might lead to quality issues. Allow them to do their work and involve only when necessary. It won’t feel good when someone sticks their nose into your work continuously. When you choose someone after enough research and tests, give them their freedom to make the mobile app the best of their skills. 


Now you know about some of the mistakes you were committing and that you could have avoided them if handled carefully. Some experts can help you create a mobile app which will bring in unprecedented outreach and exposure. Ensure that you approach the right mobile application development company to get your app built. 

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