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Recent MongoDB Trends in 2017

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MongoDB is an open source, document oriented database and also supports NoSQL database (non-relational database). MongoDB was first released in 2009 and is now available under free software GNU AGPL version 3.0 commercial license terms. Due to their innovative features, MongoDB managed to take out many complicated features that existed before their debut.

The main accomplishment of the new version is an approach that denotes a high level business philosophy. MongoDB is compatible with .Net application, Java and is a component of MEAN stack. Outstanding data-driven experience can be custom made with the individual requirements along with impressive build in features. With MongoDB, it is very easy to handle challenges that seems very hard to crack in relational databases leading many organizations to opt for MongoDB than its competitors.

Let’s see What MongoDB has to offer in their latest version:

  • Data manipulation

The data can be manipulated easier than ever in the latest version of MongoDB. With the latest set of validation rules, documents can be enhanced using Compass GUI which now supports CRUD (create, read, update, delete) Feature. The extended support for local deployment to cloud data management paired with the fact that MongoDB wants to increase their clients collectively and concentrate more on intelligence based transactional development projects as business opportunities.

  • Elastic Operation

Tasks can now be deployed more efficiently through minimizing of downtime. The facilitating option for data scaling makes the app to minimize downtime due to superior elasticity and tuned data auto balancing.

  • Location Based Data

In-order to achieve better profits modern business are more into capitalization of data. MongoDB’s built-in features help Organization fetch top data analytics based on specific location without complex extraction process.

  • Cloud Capabilities

Cloud computing is now more active and accessible than ever, many businesses are employing cloud data for data scaling and storage requirements. MongoDB 3.4 support 2 important tools such as Cloud Foundry and Server Pools for better integration and support. MongoDB Atlas is the cloud service offered by MongoDB and they offer a new feature called “peering” which allows a private network to be used for teams to access application servers. Cloud storage is more cost effective for large enterprises in spreading the data across  multiple servers for constant scalability and availability. Sharing, a special feature in MongoDB allow the partition of data in multiple clouds.

  • Deployment

Zones, a new feature developed in MongoDB with which the administrator can tap into the power of bringing resources into effective action at various levels. With the help of Zones, Hardware location and resources can be categorized under one partition which they assign to the group.

  • Multimodelling

MongoDB is compatible with Apache spark and BI and has raised the benchmark in Multimodelling. This compatibility works well with other features such as real-time analytical capabilities and facilitated computing with native graphics. With the help of these tools, users can achieve the data more efficiently.

  • Empower CMS

Content Management System is popular today whether it is for getting out an e-commerce concept for business or publishing content for a normal enterprise. A CMS can handle with any kind of data such as text, audio video etc. MongoDB is compatible with every CMS application as they can handle diverse data types including comments, tweets, multimedia etc.

  • Personalized User Experience

Personalization is a concept on which modern business enterprises try to knock out each other by adding more and more features to get the attention of customers. According to user data, these enterprises are trying to provide entirely customizable, personal experience for the users so they could feel interested in the brand of products offered by such enterprises. With MongoDB, you have a perfect solution for customizable experience for your customers. Better customer interaction can be enabled with the help of real time data and analytics of the customer like purchase behavior, demographics, browsing history etc...


According to facts stated by the officials of MongoDB, Latest version of MongoDB provides excellent data handling services and will be compatible with any type of data sets making it a versatile platform. It gives an upper hand to every business that is willing to capitalize their data on MongoDB for better profits and attraction from customers. MongoDB works efficiently with various programming languages like Ruby, python, and JavaScript promising high coding velocity. All you have to do is to look out for professionals who have the experience of implementing MongoDB for customized organizational needs.

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