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Tips for designing an E-commerce application

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With an increasing number of mobile users and a decrease in the cost of mobility communications, more than seventy percent of the global personnel are likely to become mobile enabled. Many start-ups are being developed that are seeing a majority of sales by means of mobiles. Mobile applications nowadays tend to make or break the company’s image and fortune within a little span of time. According to Google reports, about seventy nine percent respondents claimed that they might switch to a contender’s app if they face a bad app experience

Keeping this in mind, it is even more important to devise your mobile application vigilantly so as to keep away from the pitfall of being discarded forever. The biggest danger for the start-ups is that people take ecommerce mobile app design evenly.

Things to take care in navigation of app 

  •  Intuitive Navigation and Clear User Interface – As the visual area on a mobile phone is much smaller than that of personal computers or laptops, it is significant that the interface is not disorderly and the navigation is innate and simple. It often happens that mobile customers get frustrated by the clutter and the confusion navigation issues cause
  • Minimalist Design Using simple, precise and direct words that serve to their purpose to clearly explain the navigation options and the product or service categories that are offered is recommended.  We should avoid long sentences that are dreary to read on mobiles
  • Clear Images  Using distinct images that highlight the products or services well so that we don’t can be more efficient

  • Intuitive Color Codes Make use of attractive colors for most logical actions so that users can intuitively comprehend what they are expected to go to if they wish to complete the progression

Importance of call to action 

A CTA button or Call to Action is an icon that calls out to the customer to seal the purchase. This icon should be significantly placed on the screen itself so that it is the first thing that the customers notice. It can be defined as a marketing and advertising notion, a request or direction to get something done. It is often the subsequent step that a shopper could take towards the purchase of a merchandise or service. Having tough but relevant ‘calls to action’ buttons on the website will aid us grab the notice of our website visitors. This will facilitate an increase in user interaction for achieving business goals for example- email subscriptions, sign-ups, sales and so on.

Security measures in the app

The key to success for an E-Commerce application is to make it secure. ‘Spend Money to Save Money’ is the mantra fit for us. Nothing can be compromised when it comes to security. We should make our payment gateway absolutely secure since once a rightful customer loses trust of security from your application, it is very unlikely that he will return to ever shop using your app. We cannot afford to compromise our security in any way. The magnitude of security cannot ever be emphasized enough.


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