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Tips for Successfully Beta Testing Your Mobile Apps

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In this era of mobile application development and cloud connectivity, it's never been more important to be the first one to market. Agile development approach has developed and evolved, however, the main trends like DevOps are still trying to cut down the time between having a great idea and launching it out as an exceptional app.

Beta testing is a fundamental phase of mobile application development cycle. Whenever hidden bugs and usability issues are found and rectified, and you have an important feedback from your beta testers you can make sure that your application's performance is maximized and your cash invested in the app development is not wasted.

Who can beta test your application?

Let’s evaluate 5 of the most efficient ways to find the testers to conduct a beta test on your application.

Family and friends

This is a common practice. This is one of the easiest ways, where your friends and family members get to know your software and provide their feedback which can be valuable.

  • Pros: You can avail the results of testing as fast as possible and you don’t need to pay any extra for it.
  • Cons: The quality of testing can be moderate because not all friends and family members are literate enough with computers or they would prefer not to reveal the truth to you, as you may get mad.

Competition Participants

This is an extraordinary method to beta test your app. Select an appropriate method for the competition and let every one of the participants prove that they can test your application at their best.

  • Pros: You can find the best testers available and generate enthusiasm for your app. All members can make your target audience, so it is a sort of free promotion too.
  • Cons: Not all testers can effectively manage their chance, so if you have strict "due dates", you need to carefully check testers experience of doing their work timely and appropriately. 

Your past customers

It's a fair way. They are already comfortable with your app, so they can make some valuable proposals on how they see some improvements. If you provide some fascinating conditions of testing (e.g. for free), they will probably remain with you for further participation.

  • Pros: Proven trust. Free testers who believe you and know the kind of items you make. Given an adequate deal, they will beta test your item as much as they can.
  • Cons: Testers can’t effectively make use of their time while testing their app, especially when there is a deadline involved. So you have to make some negotiation in the working experience.

Same people always ask for improvements

Get in contact with all people who ask for various improvements and updates to your app as they can be perfect testers.

  • Pros: They already knows how to make your app better and it can turn out to be a profitable experience.
  • Cons: Requesting something isn't generally equal to wanting to do it, to ensure that they are properly motivated.

All the above proposals are for free beta testers and they can't generally give you the most reliable results of testing if you are taking a shot at a major project.

Paid Beta Testing

The most reliable and effective method for testing. In this case, testing is a service. You give your application and get comprehensive results within an agreeable time period.

  • Pros: Beta testing is performed by specialists as per the agreement, so the results will meet the highest standard in the industry.
  • Cons: As it is a paid method, the price tag will not be acceptable for everyone.

If you need to accomplish the highest results, then make sure you are ready to pay for beta testing. The main thing to remember is that paying doesn’t mean it is too expensive.

If you are looking for beta testers whom you can trust and who come across your budget range, Contact our team and get to know more about the mobile app services we provide.

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