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6 Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote your Mobile App

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Doing the final touches of a mobile app and not being able to figure out the right strategy for promotion is a place where many mobile developers have been.

The truth is, mobile marketing is not an easy thing. It takes too much time and focus to figure out a way that will work for you in the long run - and one that will bring constant traffic to your app. In order to help you achieve that, we are sharing six proven digital marketing strategies for mobile app promotion.

So, let's begin with the first one.

1. Influencer Marketing

First and foremost is the strategy that many new mobile app development companies and developers are choosing - influencer marketing. Basically, this approach lets you hire a specialized person in the niche to write or talk about your app and unconsciously promote it to his audience.

For example, if you are developing an app that helps people download music, getting a singer or an influencer in the music industry is a right choice to bring traffic to it.

2. Creating A Website

Some would ask why creating a website is great way to promote your app. The answer is really simple.

In many cases, people want to see if your mobile app is the real deal. The best way to show them that the app you have built is legitimate and a product that took many months to build is to create a website and share more information about it.

This mobile marketing strategy can also feature screenshots, images and detailed features about the app, all in order to help and educate the potential users about it.

3. Social Media

There are two ways to use social media as your digital marketing strategy for mobile apps: organic and paid.

And while the organic way demands constant publishing of posts, photos and even videos of your app - paid marketing is something that also drives interest in people. In fact, in a report by Kenshoo made last year, it was estimated that paid mobile marketing strategies result in click-through rates (CTRs) of up to 32%.

This basically means that a third of the people will click through the offer and eventually download the app. So, why not try it on Facebook and Instagram - as the most effective and widespread ad platforms out there?

4. Press Releases, Interviews And Tech Reviews

Also known as public relations, this approach combines different digital marketing strategies for apps that simply put - create a buzz in the community. The best way to promote your mobile app through PR is to get a featured review on a tech blog, pay a newspaper to do a press release or even have a guest blogger use your app and write about it.

In the end, all of this sums up to free traffic of interested and potential users.

5. App Store Optimization (ASO)

If you have heard about SEO for search engines, ASO is the alternative to it for in-store promotion. That being said, App Store Optimization (ASO) is the SEO of the mobile world and in order to make most of it - you should make sure your app has the following things:

  • an app name that is unique
  • relevant keywords within the content
  • a clear description of what the app is all about
  • nice screenshots and a video that sums up the app's highlights
  • positive ratings by people

6. Offline Promotion

Even though you are selling a digital product, offline promotion is essential to success. Spreading the word about your app with flyers, leaflets and other print (or digital TV) promotions can be also a great way to get some traction on your app.

Nowadays, users expect more than just an invite to an app. They are looking for a highly personalized experience that keeps them around and one that has a solid purpose. That is why it is important to accent the best features when promoting it offline.

A Final Word

In the end, an app that is valuable to the users and one that doesn't suck has a massive potential. It is your job to make that happen - and use these strategies to get as many people to it as possible. The truth is, only the sky is the limit when it comes to digital marketing for mobile apps - so make sure you understand your audience and know how to reach it across every channel!




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