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Top Reasons Why Yii Framework is Considered as the Most Slanting PHP Structure

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Understanding Yii

Yii stands for ‘Yes It Is’ and is a component-based open source PHP web application framework written in PHP 5. Earlier, every designer was doubtful about the Yii framework. Many questions arose- whether the framework is secure and fast? Is it a feasible choice?, Will it give professional results? And here is the answer to all of them- Yii i.e. Yes It Is, as the name suggests.

Yii framework is a top performance object-oriented framework and is the best-known framework for developing any type of web applications. It is the most suited for high traffic applications like portals, Content Management Systems, forums and so on. It is this high-performance factor which helps the framework to outshine others and thus proves to be perfect for any kind of project. With this tool, developer can create even the complex designs without DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) designs.

How Can It Surpass the Others?

The system extends extraordinary power with strong code controlling that result in a proficient end product. Apart from its quick execution capability, it is likewise quick in framework release. The team is introducing many highlights in its framework and it is growing extensively. It is also well suited for projects of any size. The rich set of features, which is the crucial part of this framework include SQL injection, cross-site scripting prevention, output filtering. The ‘lazy loading technology’ makes the Yii framework faster than others by postponing the initialization of an object until it is used.

Noteworthy Highlights of Yii

As of now, Yii turns out to be the most desirable framework for the advancement of web applications. So here, we talk about a portion of features which makes it stand out from the rest:

  • Performance

Yii presents outstanding performance when compared with the other frameworks. The number of RPS (Requests Per Second) is much higher than any other frameworks. The ‘lazy loading technique’ is another feature which aids its performance.

  • MVC (Model View Controller)

MVC design architecture is widely used for the code reusability and Yii framework makes use of this. It separates business rationale from user interface considerations  for making it simpler for the developers to modify each and every part of the code without influencing the rest. The Model represents the basic information and business rules, the View consists of the components of the user interface such as text, form inputs, and the Controller acts as an intermediate dealing with the communication between the Model and the View.

  • Caching

Caching is another efficient way of improving the website performance and speed where it stores the static data in the cache and obtains it at the time of the request. It thus reduces the page load time to a great extent.

  • High security

Yii is equipped with many security measures which makes it highly secure, it ensures to protect your web applications from attacks such as cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, cookie tampering and SQL injection. It is the duty of the developer to ensure timely security

  • Error handling and logging

The handleError and handleException function of Yii take care of all the PHP warning and notices. Moreover, it displays all the errors and exceptions with a detailed call stack supporting diverse error formats.

  • Fully extensible

Each and every component of this framework is highly extensible. It enables you to be custom fitted as per your necessities and thus fits you properly. It provides you with easy-to-use guidelines that help you to make any third party prerequisites.

Reap Benefits with Yii

Digging deep to the incredible features of Yii, the list goes on and on which also include scaffolding, DAO/Active Record, widget's, Theming, input validation, events, unit and functionality testing, web services, automatic code generation and a lot more. It includes 217 extensions currently and is also developing at a very fast pace. In short, Yii is full of stunning features where you can hit with your best shot. Its speed and flexibility make the framework the most cost-effective one. The Yii framework thus becomes the unique resource in building web applications promising you to provide with all the key benefits required to move on with your business successfully. Our trained team of Yii developers offers you the best Yii framework development services where they code perfect Yii application at affordable prices and in minimum time solely based on your unique requirements. So if you are still doubtful, switch to Yii framework for your application development and experience the difference.

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