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Trends in Digital Marketing that will shape the year 2017

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The customer is always right; their perception is their reality. Having said that, the role of the customer has evolved in time and technology today has empowered the customer. Every marketer knows that the place of the customer is now at the marketing table—digital marketing has made this herculean task, easy.

The main agenda of digital marketing is customer experience. Visibility and reachability through digital marketing is what matters to ensure customer experience. When it comes to digital marketing, the year 2017 has a lot to offer. From augmented reality to live video streaming, and online advertising to social media marketing, the year 2017 is all set to explode further.

  • Augmented Reality

For customers, the prequel-of-sorts to augmented reality was virtual reality. The success of Pokemon Go and its earning potential was a direct message to marketers that customers were ready for more virtual reality-like experiences. Augmented reality is more than a picture on a screen; it gives the customer a craving to experience more, and the feeling of doing even more. Apple’s launch of  ARKit earlier this year and Tim Cook wanting to “yell out and scream” in excitement, shows that big houses are serious about augmented reality.

  • Live Video Streaming

People ‘go live’ on Facebook, on Instagram, and what not! The idea behind this is for them to be somewhere or, attend something, they are not able to in person. This definitely is a boon for the marketer. Technology has indeed made this world smaller, but digital marketing clubbed with live video streaming has taken marketing two steps forward. The customer can now see the launch of a product, live and the marketer would get real time feedback of the product during the launch.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a trend one cannot miss! It has so much potential and it is changing the face of digital marketing. One of the important branches of the digital marketing tree is social media marketing. You cannot do away with it. Social media, an undefined concept until a few years ago, is expanding in terms of reach and technology.With almost 1.9 billion active Facebook users each month, marketers can be assured that this social media platform is here to stay.

Live streaming and broadcasting videos is a blessing in disguise for both the marketer and the customer. The marketer’s need to be in touch with a customer’s reality is what makes social media marketing a trend this year. On a more professional front, LinkedIn has come up with many user friendly features. The new interface gives the user a more professional facebook-like appeal!

  • Social Influencers Marketing

Today’s generation of millennials, look up to influencers. The cliché meaning of an influencer is an individual or a group of individuals who have a large fan following on social media, and have the ability to influence a larger section of their audience(s). A marketer needs just that! Marketers can work their way to a customer’s mind through their influencers. This is a viable means for a marketer to win followers on social media and customers globally. To a customer, when their influencer buys a product, they have to buy it too!

  • Online Advertising

The most important aspect to online advertising is the spread one gets. Though you might think of an a la carte option, the customer generally gets more than what is asked for. Advertising through mediums online has always been very effective. Though 2016 saw a rise in ad blockers, the overall influence of advertising online hasn’t diminished. 2017 will still see a rise of advertising on handheld devices and that just goes to show the impact digital marketing has had in the past year.

  • Instant Communication

Be it social media marketing or live video streaming, the ultimate aim is to communicate immediately, in real time. So why do we emphasize on instant communication when it is certainly implied in every trend of 2017? There is no better way of putting this across. It is important to leverage this dominance simply because instant communication results in a faster, more pictorial, hands-on way to drive the customer base to the central focal point of marketing.

  • Continued Mobile Optimization

There used to be a time where people could not be without their Blackberrys. Now, it may not be a Blackberry as such, but people cannot live without their smartphones. This is a generation of smartphones. Studies suggested that the use of mobile phones and handheld devices outmoded the use of desktops. With Google slowing phasing out websites that aren’t mobile friendly, it is imperative in this time and age that every marketer does what has to be done to ensure a mobile platform is in place.

We are in the age of millennials. Rather, most of us are millennials ourselves. We definitely are experiencing a transformation of sorts when it comes to technology. Moreover, it is not just digital transformation, or marketing transformation–2017 will be the year of the ‘digital marketing transformation.’ Interdependence is key when it comes to these trends. A lot will depend on how a brand can use these trends to their advantage.




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