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Try designing your own taxi booking app and drive all the way

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With the advent of taxi booking mobile applications introduced by companies like Uber or Ola, booking your cab has become very easy and seamless. You are also offered with other attractive fleet of services other than just getting picked up or dropped off at the desired location.

The unique features your cab booking mobile app can provide you with are:

  • Offer customized solutions for your booking needs: You can select a Ride Now or a Ride Later feature. You can also set your favorites, if you go to a fixed location point every now and then.


  • Flexible payment options: You can select your desired payment option. Pay pals, Visa/Master Debit or Credit cards can be accepted. You can utilize discount codes or redeem coupons as well. You can also use money recharge cards to utilize the fleet of cab services covering the entire fortnight or for an entire month.


  • Push up Notifications: This is also a highly incredible service that can be offered via your online cab booking app. You will be notified as to whether a cab is vacantly running near your vicinity or not. You can book a cab accordingly.


  • Easy accessibility for contacting the driver: You have unique solutions offered by the cab. The driver can contact you via the app. You can speak to the admin panel. Likewise, the driver can contact the admin guy. This 3-way channel of communication can remove discrepancies quite easily.


  • Multi-lingual support: The taxi booking app can support multiple languages. And you can choose one from the lot.


  • SMS Alerts: You get immediate responses to state that your kid is near a shopping mall or is about to leave school. You can take cab services accordingly.


Likewise, one mobile app development can support multi-faceted aspects of cab booking or taxi booking.

GPS tracking

The driver will have an instant access to Google maps or GPS trackers to know the location of the place. You may just have the address or in some cases just have a vague description of the place you wish getting dropped to. The driver needs to assess where to drop you and has to drop off at the right place. You can use Google maps activated through your mobile phone or smart phone, as well. This way, you can also guide the driver to reach the point of destination at a faster pace. Geocoders can also be used for faster accessibility of locations. 

Credit/Debit card functionality to help you book a taxi

Some of the passengers might cancel reservations quite frequently. In order to avoid this, taxi service providers need to develop their taxi reservation app in such a way that the payment gateway reserves the passengers’ card details though no amount will be charged off, from the card.

You can look for branded taxi booking app development to provide you with customized solutions while booking for a cab/taxi either to drop you off to a place or pick you up from the desired location point. Try booking your taxis from a Wi-Fi enabled zone. Else activate your data cable on. This way, you will be able to book for taxis while you are on the go!

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