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Ways to Attract users

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A mobile application should satisfy all the needs and requirements of the user. Firstly, it should be compatible with all major mobile operating systems. Secondly, it should be user-friendly so that even beginners can navigate through the app with ease. The application should be fast, efficient and also attractive so that it stands out from similar applications. Here are some ways to attract users to your app. 

Provide constant updates

To keep users engaged, you need to provide new features, levels or articles. Constant updates encourage the user to use the app and not get bored of it. 

Provide relevant information

Do not ask the user to rate your app as soon as they launch it. Timely and relevant information is the key to retaining users. 

Attract users with push notifications

Push notification lure users to use your app but too many notifications will annoy the user and encourage them to delete the app. Keep it to a minimum. 

Use social media to attract new users

It’s important to integrate your app with social media sites. This makes it easy for an existing user to share their reviews and possibly attract more users to your app. 

Promote your app on various platforms

Showcase you app on blogs and social media channels. If the app has a particular function that applies to a certain set of users, find blogs that are specific to that community and promote the app there. 

Make use of demo videos 

Make a short but interesting promotional video that will intrigue users to download your app. This lets the user experience the app before they use it. 

Provide the user with many screenshots

Use many screenshots to show the user what the app does. Screenshots work better than written descriptions in telling the user what the app is all about. 

So get started and use every platform there is to promote your app! 



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