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Ways to Create Successful Campaigns for Marketing in Opencart

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After venturing into any business and finishing the basic setup, the most important thing in everybody’s mind will be, how to increase their net income. Obviously, everyone will be looking for strategies to get better sales and as a part of it, various promotional campaigns and discounts for products are announced.

Considering the current phase of the market, it is very important to evaluate the market needs and initialize the right strategies to keep you alive in this competitive market. In this blog, we are going to look into the running of a marketing campaign in the context of an Opencart. Here, you advertise your products in various media channel for the product to reach out to maximum people which lead to increase in sales.

Marketing Tracking is a new function that has been included in Opencart since the release of Opencart 2.0.x. The main advantage of this function is that it helps you to create marketing campaigns from the rear-end and you get to know about the sales, views, and traffic from them.

The Concept of Marketing Campaigns

In general, A Marketing campaign is mainly about giving advertisement about your product in various media platform. For example, if Christmas is approaching then you can promote many products from our store as a part of “Christmas Campaign”. The promotion of these products can be done in your sites as well as third party sites too. 

These Third party sites however, don’t show your campaigns for free, you have to make an agreement with these company for payment based on the traffic generated from their link. Each campaign has got their own unique link so that the sales generated from each link can be specifically identified. Through these methods, you can analyze the traffic generated through every third party sites and get to know whether they should collaborate in future or not!

How is this Useful?

It is very important to know how people get to know about your site and how they are visiting your sites so that we can do better on what works and less on what doesn’t. When working on campaign specific URLs, the link automatically changes whenever someone visits the campaign. for example, who visit via Facebook links, who comes through the link in the e-mail and who visits through the advertisement we have placed online with the help of third party sites. 

How to improve an OpenCart store?

You have to be constantly in touch with current trends to enhance your e-commerce store in order to create the best user experience for the customers. All these figures will finally lead to the improvement of your sales and creation of a brand image. Here are some strategies that everyone should follow in order to improve their sales and website.

  • Showing Related Products

Cross selling of products is the best way to encourage the customers for buying more items from the store. The products should be displayed together as a set so that the customer gets to visualize it in their home and encourage them to purchase the other items too as they look good in the product they initially saw.

Another method for Cross selling products is suggesting the user with the related products. This strategy really works in favor of clothing retailers. You should definitely add links of related products, most popular, or recently purchased to available products.

  • Shipping Deals

Attractive offers on shipping are effective ways for making the customer purchase the products. The customers are more likely to pay extra for a product if they feel they are getting good shipping deals.
As the competition is getting harder between every rival company, it is very important to give better deals to your customer than your competitors. You should offer better offers and discounts on your shipping such as free shipping, free return, and express delivery to knock out the competition in the segment and get more sales, traffic and clients.

  • Psychological pricing

This method was a sure shot winner in every e-commerce business ranging from small to large. The main strategy is to price the product using .99 price endings instead of .00. if your products cost 999 instead of 1000, the customer will always look into the smaller number making them assume the price is much lower. Deals such as “buy one get one free” all comes under this specific category. All these methods encourage the clients to buy products as they receive more of the product for their money.

  • Limited time offers

This is the best way to increase the traffic to your e-commerce website and improving the sales. If you highlight the fact that the offer will only apply for a short span of time, then it will create some anxiety among the users and commit to purchase to avoid paying more later.

These are basics on how to create successful campaigns in Opencart. They are quite easy and flexible ways of promoting your products in e-commerce stores with the help of third party clients, social media, and other channels.

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