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Ways to name your new Mobile App

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Naming your app can be difficult because to some extent, it determines its success. It creates the first impression in the user’s mind. A unique and memorable name will stay in the user’s mind and stand out from all the other applications on the store. There are two main strategies to consider while naming your app. One is a title with extra keywords and the second, a simple title with no extra keywords. If your title doesn’t tell the user what the app does, make sure that the icon does. Here are some tips to consider while naming your app. 

The name should relate to its functions

Choose a name that relates to the functions of your application. Don’t pick a name that is hard to pronounce as users remember an easy name better. 

Pick a unique name

Don’t let the name of your app be the same or similar to any other app on the app store. This avoids copyright issues from popping up later and also ensures that your app stands out from all the other apps. 

Short names are better

Apps with shorter names do better than those with long names. Long names don’t look attractive in someone’s collection of apps. Stick to names that are under 11 characters. 

Use maximum keywords in your app description

To keep your app ahead in the ranking, use maximum keywords to increase your ranking in the app store. Use Google AdWords to search for keywords that are most searched for by users. 

Pick a general name 

Choose an app name that is flexible enough for you to expand the app’s function later on. 

And remember the best names make the apps unique!!! 




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