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7 iOS App Development Trends to Watch-out in 2018

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2017 has been an incredible year for iOS. Apple launched two new iPhone devices – iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X – in the market. Additionally, this global giant provided major updates on iOS 11. Apple has also improved their technical support for customers and has been quite active throughout 2017. With new trends booming and influencing the whole iOS community, developers too are tuning them for their progressing and upcoming iOS app development projects. 

Here is a set of trends we can expect in iOS application development in 2018. 

  • Augmented Reality 

When iOS 11 was launched with substantial features, the most talked-about feature was their support to Augmented Reality applications. Amazon declared the Sumerian app platform which is compatible with Apple's ARKit system which permits iOS application developer to create augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D applications for iPad and iPhone devices. 

Huge enterprises have effectively made big investments in the development of the framework for augmented reality and virtual reality applications. We can expect that we would see an increase in number of iOS applications based on the idea of augmented reality. 

  • Core Machine Learning 

Apple has also launched the machine learning system called the Core ML and is as of now using it in some of its apps like Camera, Siri and Quick Type. iPhone application developers around the world are currently investigating on how they can utilize the machine learning abilities in iOS applications. Developers would only need to include a couple of lines of code inside the apps alongside the system code. 

The Core ML has 3 libraries and computer vision skill for natural language processing, recognizing faces and AI game development. Likewise, there is enhanced security for the apps for recognizing faces to work certain functionalities. The Core ML will likewise help gaming industry to develop more capable games.

The Core ML will obviously help iPhone application developers to build more intelligent and intuitive applications in the 2018 and upcoming years. 

  • Swift4 

Presented by Apple, the Swift programming language is getting more fame and name among designers. Majority of the developers in iOS application development have now discovered that Swift is highly robust and adaptable language. Swift4 is much more advanced than its predecessors. With Swift, App designers are equipped to build apps much faster without making any compromise regarding security and highlights. Applications made with this version will use less memory in comparison with previous version as well as Objective C.

  • Apple HomeKit 

Designers have already started to show an enthusiasm for Apple HomeKit, the system created by Apple for home automation. The company launched Apple HomeKit to help smart gadgets at home have a communication with each other. Here Siri can be utilized to command such smart gadgets from an iPhone. 

Apple HomeKit is certainly in the eye of engineers and, they will definitely deploy HomeKit based home automation applications in 2018. 

  • AI and Contextual Learning for Siri 

All of us use iPhone devices and are well aware of Siri. However, now with AI and contextual learning, Siri offers a GPS code while sending messages. Likewise, the new Siri can act as task manager helping you to effectively access your mobile app alongside a QR code. 

  • Apple Pay 

Apple Pay is an application developed by Apple. It's an e-payment and digital wallet service powering iOS users to make online transactions. The application can likewise be utilized to book tickets for airlines, events etc. users can also  send and receive online money via money transfer. The Apple Pay administration can be integrated into applications for cashless transaction. 

In 2018, we will see that Apple Pay will have an increase in usage for e-commerce transaction made on other iOS applications. 

  • File Management

The iOS 11 has a set of features which have already created buzz among developers. One of them is file administration app named as Files. It helps the application users to effectively manage cloud into a primary location. You may have a presentation of GDrive, or individual pictures and videos on Dropbox, however with the Files app, you can make a primary dashboard where you can access and handle all the applications from a single location.

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