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We deliver quality iOS mobile app development service to our clients across the globe at Reasonable Costs.

At Mindster, our team of highly skilled iOS developers work closely with our customers to transform your innovative idea to reality.

We are an eminent mobile app development company in India that always offers perfect and dynamic iPhone app development services around the globe. Our iOS App Development service team at Mindster have an in-depth knowledge in the latest iPhone and iPad development techniques. They are well versed in various fields of iOS App development service which includes SDK and APIs. We also have developed apps using cross platform development tools like phone gap. This has in turn helped us to deliver simple to complex custom iOS Apps for small scale to large scale business enterprises.

We develop mobile apps with the below defined set of procedures to deliver perfect results to our customers.

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Our main areas of focus

All you need to provide is your willingness to develop ios app and we will make sure to provide you the unique ones.

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    Development of ios mobile app development on suitable ideas that you feel are best suited for your mobile app requirement

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    Proper Planning

    Our main goal is to maximize outputs with minimal inputs and to complete the work in a desired timeline.

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    UI/UX Design

    Our team of designers closely identifies each and every requirement of our clients and provides a stunning mobile app design

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    Development of Code

    We develop codes in XCODE IDE that consists of a code editor and a GUI for providing a smooth coding development environment.

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    App Testing for iOS

    Apps developed for iOS undergoes various rounds of testing to ensure that they are free from certain errors or any technical issues.

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    Deployment of iOS Apps

    A precise plan for mobile apps is essential for seamless deployment of mobile apps that are developed by Mindster.

Reasons to choose Swift for iOS Development 

Swift App Development has been clearly defined as “The Future of Mobile Application Development”.

Right from the rapid advancement in the usage of smartphones, the swift technology has created great heights in the mobile app development. Since, Swift is being developed by the renowned name Apple, users have complete trust on it. Soon after its initiation in the market, it is one of the highly preferred ios app development for enterprises.

Swift is an advanced programming language which has been developed for MacOS, iOS, tvOS and WatchOS. It is designed specifically to work with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks for Apple and huge body of the existing Objective-C (ObjC) code that is specifically written for Apple products. Today, majority of the iOS developers prefer to choose Swift over Objective C for the development of iOS Apps. There are numerous aspects which makes Swift as the primary reason for selecting an iOS app development language.

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    It has Launched Recently in the Market

    Swift has been recently launched in the market by Apple Inc. Its first origin was on June2, 2014 but its recent release date is on April 21, 2017 which is named as its 3.1 version. In comparison to Objective C platform, Swift is a recent one. Objective C was launched around 33 years ago and that was basically a continuity to the C language. Apple released Swift separately as the functionalities of Objective-C was not ready to support it.

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    Fewer Consumption of Memory

    Swift consumes very less memory when compared to Objective-C. It is a single object oriented program and has switched to various structures. The right amount of data type and SDK classes also has drastically reduced, which has in turn made the memory really an effective one.

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    Fulfill Data at a Faster Rate

    This is an alternative area where Swift development has been able to reach at the top position over Objective-C. It is able to organize the data at a much quicker stage. The data can be managed at a much quicker pace. There are several opportunities for a developer to rewrite groups into structures. Swift takes comparatively very less timing for coding.

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    Powerful Open Source

    The Development of Swift Language has successfully developed an open course that simplifies the process for users to upgrade all the source codes, list of emails at regular intervals. Since, it’s a really powerful source, the users are free to go through the process of technical documentation. This is a great help for all those who are developing applications for the future. Mobile Developers are also free to suggest their own opinions and ideas due to the presence of Jira, a bug tracker.

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    No Restrictions to develop iOS Apps alone

    Even though Swift has been developed by Apple, it is not just restricted in developing iOS mobile apps. It can easily develop fully functional apps based on Android platform too.

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    Requires Less time for coding

    You can easily finish your task of developing an app using Swift language. When you create an app using Swift, you will probably require very few lines of coding. This not only makes your work easier, but also you can complete your task of code creation within limited span of time.

Our Expertise

An attractive design is very essential for an iPhone App Development. When the ios app is designed with stunning colours and ideas, the number of users to download the app increases and the popularity of the app shows a steady increase in the market.

  • Solution framework for e-commerce.
  • GPS based Cab Booking Solution
  • Airline solutions
  • Solution framework for Money Exchange
  • Fully native application development
  • Mobile consulting & strategy
  • UI/UX design

Why Choose us for iOS App Development Services?

We at Mindster analyses, design, develop, test and deliver our iOS App Development services as per your requirements.

  • Safe Transactions

    With custom developed iOS mobile applications, our iOS developers are expert in the encryption process which ensures that your transaction is entirely safe and secure.

  • Close Association with customers

    To establish wider connections, our services are a perfect source because we help to build connection with clients and to identify their requirements.

  • Remote Access

    Our awesome iPhone Application development services enables you to access the datas of your business using remote access facility hassle-free.

  • Rapid & Powerful Apps

    Our iOS App developers makes optimum use of swift coding to ensure quick, reliable and secure iOS mobile apps to feel the amazing experience in using iPhone apps.