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People laughed at us for using the word magical. But you know what? It turned out to be magical.
Steve Jobs - Apple CEO on the iPad The iPad could eventually become your TV, your newspaper and your bookshelf. The iPad is the future of computing. Its big screen and smooth user experience makes it a far bigger game changer than smartphones.
Mindster's iPad app development services might be just what you need to turbocharge your business.

Mindster offers
  • Full native application development.
  • Mobile consulting & strategy
  • UI/UX design
Mindster's expertise includes
  • Deep knowledge of the Android SDK and its APIs – including all versions of SDK
  • Clear understanding development environment including third party tools and up and coming technologies.
  • Clear understanding of Android tablet policies.
  • Design expertise that includes years of experience with high end feature rich graphics.
  • Expertise in multiple Android devices and versions – and ensuring compatibility.
  • Expertise with Phonegap to allow app development for multiple platforms.

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