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With the consumerization of enterprise mobility, a growing percentage of workers are using their personal devices to access corporate resources. When these devices are not secured by Mobile Device Management (MDM), this introduces a wide range of security threats. Research suggests that this trend is only continuing to increase. Rather than trying to mitigate this trend by further locking down corporate resources, corporations are taking advantage of it by empowering and securing the personal device for business use through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs. Instead of insisting that employees maintain a separate, work dedicated device, many organizations are implementing BYOD models that enable employees to use their own device for both personal and business purposes.

  • Management flexibility

    BYOD eases the management burden by eliminating the need to select and manage a provider and plan. There is no need to monitor employee telecom usage data for overages or other extras.

  • Cost savings

    In addition to the reduced overhead costs in managing a corporate phone plan, corporations also save money due to the lower costs associated with individually managed call, data, and SMS plans.

  • Maximized employee performance

    Employees are more likely to be productive while travelling or working away from the office if they are comfortable with the device.

  • Greater employee contentment

    Employees are often partial to a certain device platform or service provider, and are much more content do not appreciate being forced to use a device with which they are not comfortable.

  • Simplified IT Infrastructure

    BYOD models eliminate or reduce the requirement for an IT administrator to administrate a mobile plan. Furthermore, BYOD reduces the strain on IT help desks since end-users will be primarily responsible for reaching out to their mobile provider if they need support. Beyond these advantages to the corporation, BYOD programs have become increasingly popular among employees due to the higher level of convenience they provide.

  • Employees want the freedom of choosing the type of device they use.
  • Workers that already have their own device and want the convenience of only having one device.
  • BYOD is an appealing recruitment incentive because the best employees want to be able to bring their own device into the workplace.

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