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Integrated Mobile Application framework for Airlines

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Customer is the flagship carrier in APAC and an Official 4 Star Airline.The airline has witnessed massive growth and has played a major role in making the region an important traffic hub in the Middle East, supporting the commercial, industrial and tourism sectors.


Creating a comprehensive mobile app for an Airline service provider is quite a challenge in many aspects. Since an Airline depends on a multitude of third party vendors and solutions for its core operations, bringing every such solution onto one seamless platform to provide a unified customer experience is a hectic job. This emphasizes the need for impeccable planning , regular productive interactions with the vendors, learning and adapting different standards, complying with different technology platforms not to mention the user experience and other factors like security, maintainability and performance.

Aufait Solution

Our mobile application framework plays a crucial role in building a comprehensive Customer Touchpoint System, our future strategy. We recommend Airlines a “mobile first

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