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Iphone Lead

Desired Candidate Profile:

Proficient in Objective-C, C, C++, i phone OS, MAC OS, Java, J2ME and Android programming
Sound knowledge of Cocoa, Xcode, Interface Builder, iPhone simulator, SQLite.
Hands on experience in using XML and JSON parsers, Web Services, Mobile Browsers, UI and component frameworks
Proficiency in multi-threaded, highly responsive mobile applications. Exposure to network/socket programming on devices.
Experience in mobile UI development preferably in social applications. Have an interest in maximizing User Experience (UX)
Should have experience with SDK 3.0+ using standard and intermediate APIs (location, compass, video, camera, etc)
Proven experience in Integration of iPhone/iPod touch application with web services
Aware of iPhone deployment services leveraging Enterprise Management
Should have working knowledge in Object Oriented Techniques & MVC architecture
Good Communication Skills & Time Management
Good at visualization & making clean layouts
Should be able to handle stressful situations and deadline pressures well
Ability to understand how to think around obstacles and execute deliverables on time
Desire to change the existing paradigms, think out of the box and sharp analytical mind
Must have high initiative, leadership qualities, good Interpersonal skills and problem solving abilities.


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