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Responsive Web Design Company

Responsive web design is the way to optimize the layout presenting all the significant information in an optimal views with the ease of navigation with minimal panning, scrolling on any screen size. At Mindster, we offer the top responsive web design services that make the website effective and easy to use. With Mindster you get the responsive web design solution that make the website smart enough to resize and adapt the content according to the device. We can not only build new responsive website design solution for you, but also can modify your already existing website and make it responsive. Capitalizing the full potential of the recent technologies and the latest tools our developers resize, hide, enlarge, and shrink the contents in order to look great on any screen. Our designers successfully migrates mobile enabled websites to mobile optimized websites that run on iOS and Android platforms with easy navigation and better user experience.

Screen Adjustable

By browsing through any of the sites developed by us you come to know that wastage of time due to zooming, shrinking and pinching your screen is avoided since it automatically adjust to your screen size and you get the best quality user experience. The style sheets we create eliminate scrolling to view single pages and large images. It minimize the loss of resolution on oversized monitors. We include easy to use content management tools created with Drupal and WordPress.

Time Saving

Our responsive web design services offers development time and cost greatly. Therefore, responsive designs allows you to optimize your business for any devices without having to create multiple websites for different gadgets. Even if the initial investment of a responsive design come out to being more expensive, you will end up saving a lot in the long run, due to maintenance cost, special configuration cost etc. of a website that uses two separate versions.

SEO Friendly

Responsive designs also affects search rankings on mobile devices. The single and dynamic version of your website offers a clean, user-friendly layout, which makes it easier for the search engines to understand and serve your content for both website and mobile visitors. Mobile phones now has a separate google algorithm as well, therefore it not just enough for your site to look good in the desktop alone. Therefore, if you consider SEO is important, then your site better be responsive.

Bounce rate & Conversion rates

If your site responsive it will be harder to keep visitors engaged and more likely to bounce. Lowering the bounce rate is only half the battle won. Creating a better user experience across all devices is the key to converting new customers. When the user are confused whether to subscribe a service, redirecting the device to specific website often takes longer. Therefore having a single secure website that looks professional on all platforms make users less likely to exit.

User Experience

When your users have a frustrating experience, they are less likely to contact you for your services. With us, you get a website that looks clean, modern, sleek, and easy to use. It creates customer satisfaction and builds trust thereby bringing revenue. A responsive site means no scrolling and pinching to see an entire site that does not fit to screen. In addition, a better user experience reduce bounce rates, boost website conversions and improves brand perception.

What you get from us?

  • We design our products for the four corners of the screen and not just for particular device’s screen. This help us to future proof your product.

  • Our responsive website designs are developed by keeping high-end performance in mind. Most of the mobile users can’t manage huge website assets.

  • The goal with our entire website is that they are device agnostics, which means the users will have a better experience regardless of the device they use.

  • Our web products are built to work with a wide variety of browsers including explorer, windows, android, Firefox, safari, chrome etc.

  • With the use of a grid based on fluid percentages, you can stay carefree that any new device’s screen size breaking your website.

  • There are so many websites, which do not meet to deliver the user’s basic needs. So, we design our products as a solution to real life situations.

Our responsive web design process

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    Upward design

    We design for a smaller practical screen size in a manner that it will be easy to further work in a media query breakpoint series.

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    Fluid Layout

    It is important that your website can resize and adapt itself to all screen size to fit all mobile device in landscape and portrait views.

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    Performance checks

    We need to be sure that images are kept minimal and texts are not rotating for better viewing. Also the size should be kept less than 1MB for faster loading.

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    Advance search option and filling out forms from mobile devices is not probably easy, therefore you should keep it simple and neat for better user experience.

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    Project Delivery

    From the company head to developmental team members, we communicate and collaborate with each other to make the client confident and comfortable in our services. This facilitates fast execution and timely results.

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    Cost Effective

    At Mindster, We provide top quality mobile app development services at affordable prices. We are always one-step ahead, making plan for the future with the help of the latest technology. This saves you money in the short and long term.

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