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Taxi Booking App Development Company

Mindster is one of the leading taxi app development company in India. We commit to develop world-class taxi dispatch apps to bolster your online taxi business. Our taxi dispatch software helps the driver to optimize the time and services which aligns in favour of passengers to commute with ease. Being one of the leading taxi app developers, we constantly upgrade our features to meet international standards. Our custom app packs both agility and innovation in its taxi dispatch systems to deliver the desired solutions at an economical range.  Hence our cab management system turn out to be the best in the industry.

The stature that Mindster apps inspires have made it possible for us to work with entrepreneurs in the taxi domain, visionaries and innovators across the globe. Our vibrant team continues to make their dreams come true. So, if you are planning to develop a novel cab management system, you are in safe hands. Let’s make it happen for you.

Taxi Booking App: An Overview

We design the best taxi booking applications for Android and iOS platforms. Our designers toil for a user-friendly interface in every aspect from planning, booking and payment upto the end of a trip.

User Registration

The passengers can create an id and get registered in their taxi booking application from the login page


Once the journey of the passenger ends, the user has the facility to rate your driver and provide feedbacks.

Book a Taxi

This feature includes:

  • Set pickup Location
  • Show available/online drivers with vehicle info
  • Select Suitable vehicle (Type/Model)
  • Estimate of Fare (per Min/Miles)
  • Request for Ride

Trip History

The user can view the history of the travel in future.

Payment History

In this feature, we can analyse the payment made to the taxi driver if there are any requirements in future.

Live Routing

The passenger can fetch all the details regarding their journey from time of the arrival till the end of journey

Promotions/ Free-ride

The user will receive promotions/ free-ride promotions invite in the form of email or text messages.

Manage Ride

This helps the user to start/end Ride Notifications and then view receipt in the form of Email or Text Message.


This can include favourite places and notifications which can be with on/ off option.

Quick Registration

Drivers can easily add the required details and request for a signup

Select Availability

Drivers can select themselves whether to be online or offline at any anytime so that they can remain flexible.

Request for Real-time

Drivers get notifications in their app for new requests with the details of pickup.


The driver has the option to accept or reject the request received form the passengers.

Ride Information

Drivers get the necessary information about their customer for a convenient pickup and drop.

Google navigation to pick up and drop location

Google maps navigation to provide the right directions to the particular destination.

Begin/Finish Ride

Drivers can mark when they are arriving, when they are going to start the trip and also when the trip has ended in order to generate automated bills.

Invoice generation after reaching particular destination

At the time when the passenger reaches the destination, the driver can generate invoice for their ride.

Trip History

Once the trip is completed, the driver can view the history of the trip right from the point it has started till it has ended.

Login Securely

Login safely to your web based admin panel from any browser

Dashboard of Admin

Get to know the latest summary based on the various operations and performance

Handle Drivers

Add new drivers, review requests for signup, set reasonable rates for commission and much more.

Manage Customers

Simply view all your registered customers on your service and can gain their full details.

Manage Vehicles

Add your preferred type of vehicles and its information in order to have an easy management.

Manage Various Categories

Easily add and update your offerings in car in order to target various divisions of customer.

Ride Tracking

Through a master view, the trip details can be tracked right from the beginning till the end.

Dispatcher Panel

Taxi dispatch system is easily handled by your operators that are approved

Manual Bookings

Your dispatchers can easily handle new requests for booking quickly from the interface.

Phone Number Protection

Passenger phone numbers can be kept hidden from drivers to maintain privacy

Referral Rewards

Customer receives unique codes for referral so that it can be shared and received to avail free benefits.

Opinions for Pick-up

Passenger gets valuable suggestions to select quick pick up points that are really close to their current place.

Call Bookings

Handle requests for customer booking through calls with your dispatch system

Demand Map

Drivers can view specific areas that have high demand for more pickups.

Destinations for Driver

Driver have the freedom to provide their preferred destination to get rides in that particular direction.

Integration of dates through calendar

Passengers can set their particular dates in calendar for events or for destination suggestions.

View ratings to drivers

Ratings provided to drivers can be viewed using the app


A complete report can be submitted based on what is good and what is bad and what improvements can be made.

Key Benefits of our Taxi Dispatch Software 


A taxi dispatch software, makes calling a taxi, one of the most joyous experiences of life. From destination setting  to arranging the payments, all can be done with a tap of the finger. Our designers take extra care to make even the minutest aspect of cab booking relatable to the common passengers.  It further helps in centralizing control your business with a smartphone, tablet or PC. We please our clients with regular updates and latest technologies in the industry to be their number one choice always. The love users have shown to our many taxi apps in the Appstore and Google Play Store is a testimony to this fact.

Taxi Key Benefits

Easy to use

The taxi booking app is really simple to use. User can login with their phone numbers and an OTP. The GPS locates them free cabs and with a tap they can avail their service.

Taxi Key Benefits

Tap for Booking

You only need to tap for booking your vehicle and enter the details of your journey and the cab will reach your destination for pick-up.

Taxi Key Benefits

Hassle Free

With our taxi booking app, you can relax. No need to wait for a long time to catch a free cabbie.

Taxi Key Benefits

GPS Integration

You can easily view the direction of your journey right from the starting point to the destination.

Taxi Key Benefits

Reliable Service

It is reliable and safe to travel. GPS tracking records all movements from the start of a journey to the end.

Taxi Key Benefits

Feasible Payments

Mode of Payment is really simple. You may pay with cash, m-banking, swipe cards or other digital means.

Recent works

Below is the screen shot of our recent works wherein we have received various appreciations and recognitions from our valued customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I benefit with my taxi booking application if there are only a few registered drivers?

    Yes, of course. You can expand your level of business by managing your mobile application with some fewer members in team at the beginning and then lead to growth in business.

  • Can I view the product source code once the application is ready?

    Definitely. You can gain complete control and rights over the code we develop for, you since you will be using the application.

  • What is the maximum duration to develop a customized taxi booking mobile app?

    We completely value your requirements and we make sure to work on strict deadlines and complete the project with a maximum of about 6-7 weeks and deliver you the final results.

  • If my application results in an error at midnight, what can be done to resolve it?

    We value our privileged clients, and we never let you handle a critical situation by yourself. You are free to reach us on our mobile, mail or Skype. We ensure that someone will always be there to resolve your issues at the earliest.

  • Can a passenger track his route in an ongoing trip?

    Yes, a passenger can track his route using the GPS facility in the app.

  • What can be done if the driver rejects the request of a passenger?

    The app is designed and developed in such a way that it only requires a few seconds to receive the confirmation from the driver side. In case, if a driver rejects the same, then automatically the trip request is sent to the next immediate driver.

  • Can a passenger talk to the driver on call?

    Yes, it can be done using the app.

  • How many logins is provided to one driver?

    A driver can have only 1 login. This helps to maintain a track upon the particular driver’s activity.

  • What can the driver do in case if there is any conflict with the passenger during the trip?

    The driver can contact the Taxi company through the help page of Driver app.

  • How can I get in touch with you if I have more queries in addition to the above ones?

    You are free to contact us through any mode of communication.