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UI / UX Design

Mindster has a dedicated team of designers to provide a user delight and great designs for the mobile app and web works. It is through their magical hands that we can make our work more attractive.

Our design process is done in an interactive, cooperative, and in an energetic manner. Once you share us your requirements, we will definitely provide you with the visual designs, prototypes and animations that can transform your ideas to reality. 

Our process of discovering design is combined with brainstorming, innovative ideas, processing and the right methodology to adapt changes between your enterprise and our team. There are certain differences in designing both Android and iPhone App designs. Once the fundamentals are ready, then we start to build stuff which includes structures, screens, animations and responsive buttons. These are the essential ingredients that helps to create a magic design in mobile app. 

We are confident in delivering the best to the customers since we understand that every project is unique in its own manner.

For that some of the important steps to be followed are:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Information Architecture
  • Design Interaction
  • UI Design 
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Service Design 

Contact us at Mindster and share your requirements and then feel the amazing work that is designed exclusively for you…....

  • We focus on enhancing the overall usability and desirability of the solution.
  • We leverage our understanding of UI/UX principles, goals, and constraints to enable this.
  • Our design architects design a solution such that it meets the objectives of both business and end user. We ensure this by following divergence-convergence methodology.

Primary Design Testing: We validate primary usability and visual appearance of the proposed mobile solution by creating wire-frames, paper and click through prototypes as well as live demos. This helps us serve our customer's business needs better, and also ensures that our design fits the UI/UX design standards.

UI Specifications: As a process, our design experts create detailed UI/UX specifications document. This not only defines the standards and streamlines the development activity but also ensures delivering the desired mobile solution. This includes details related to response time & effectiveness of application to enhance overall experience of application.

We have a driven passion for compelling and usable designs and we specialize in user interfaces which are best suited for personal computers, smartphones and tablets across a wide range of industries which includes from health to industrial and from retail to financial sectors. 

  • Keep in mind the end user satisfaction
  • Clean and Simple solutions
  • Intuitive and Interactive interfaces
  • Add innovative touch
  • Different platforms adaptability
  • Scalability
  • End-to-end transparency

At Mindster, we add a trendy lifestyle to your application / website. Our user experience design evolves from your desire, crossing all constraints, and reaching the ultimate.

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