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Cross Platform App Development

We design cross-platform Apps by utilizing the latest innovative technologies and frameworks including React Native, Native Script, Phone Gap.

Build applications to work on multiple platforms to reach a wide number of audience

There are various mobile platforms to develop and sustain mobile apps for each platform. Development of apps in native is an expensive one. Cross platform apps create a path for the enterprises to invest in a low cost framework. For reduced cost, time and effort, developers prefer to go with the cross platform mobile app development company. At Mindster, we have a team of professionals who are well versed in web technologies such as HTML, CS3, JavaScript. Phone Gap, jQuery, Angular.js, Xamarin are the best used HTML 5 frameworks that are used to develop apps across all devices.

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    Development of app using multi-platform

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    UX/UI design

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    Cost effective solutions

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    Creating apps for all feasible frameworks

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    Mobile app testing and marketing

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    App maintenance and support

Highly Popular Frameworks for Cross-Platform App Development

  • Offering React native


    It is one of the leading framework for Microsoft to build apps using cross-platform. It helps to develop cross platform applications across Android, iOS and Windows platforms. It uses C# to enable code sharing and it provides a seamless experience for the users.

  • Offering React native


    This was previously known as Phone Gap, and now Cordova and is one of the most popular frameworks that is used to create hybrid cross-platform apps. It provides the use of web related technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS3 for development.

  • Offering React native


    This is an advanced and a famous framework that is used to develop hybrid cross-platform applications. This framework is built on top of Angular JS and helps to develop apps using the latest web based technologies which includes CSS, HTML5 and Sass.

  • Offering React native


    Kony helps developers to create native, web or hybrid mobile apps with a single code base. This is really suitable for enterprise apps since it’s a mobile app development platform that is enabled with Java-script.

  • Offering React native

    React Native

    React Native is simply used for developing mobile apps. It helps to build cross-platform mobile apps effectively and shows its functionalities such as running new codes and dropping down to codes based on native apps that can be used for further development.

Why to develop Apps using Cross-Platform Development?

An attractive design is very essential during Android App Development. When the app is designed with stunning colors and ideas, the number of users to download the app increases and the popularity of the app shows a steady increase in the market. It increases the productivity and accelerates the app development cycle to deliver a high-quality app that works on any iOS or Android platform.

  • Reusable code:

    Cross-platform mobile app development simplifies the responsibility of maintaining and deploying codes and eliminates repetitive tasks

  • Faster time to market:

    Cross-platform app development holding the unified code base enables businesses to fast-track the app development and timely delivery.

  • Easy deployment:

    Most of the framework offers a variety of module and extension that seamlessly integrate with other tools to improve the app’s functionality and look.

  • Uniformity:

    The single codebase used for developing a cross-platform app helps in maintaining the overall consistency of the app on all platforms.

Why Choose Us for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

At Mindster, we have defined a set of procedures to start with. You just have to share us your idea with us and we guarantee to transform your ideas into featured apps. Developers provide a maximum guarantee for the reusability of codes that will definitely support in all major platforms. A technology-based partner is highly flexible to create powerful and rapid mobile apps to meet the exact requirements of the customers.

  • Client-Oriented Model

    We make sure to have a smooth communication with our clients. Clients share their valuable ideas and feedback and we arrange frequent meetings with the concerned person.

  • Experienced Team of Professionals

    Our talented and qualified developers involve in the challenging projects of clients. We make sure to build mobile apps with superior interactive and with stunning user interface.

  • Active presence in web technology and mobile experience

    We have been creating various web based technologies and developed plenty of feature rich mobile apps over the past years and has successfully delivered many projects to our valued clients.

  • Personalized Services

    We as a mobile app development company offers app with completely customized design and various exciting features. Just Hire dedicated cross-platform mobile app developers to enjoy the app as per the required specifications.