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In the modern era, the users of on demand grocery app solution is rapidly increasing. There is a tremendous increase in the number of people who install grocery ordering app in their smartphones. Online grocery shopping and delivery of the products at their preferred destination within limited time has shown a drastic increase in the number of people who are ready to shop grocery products online.

At Mindster, our grocery app developers develop the best grocery store apps that are designed in a unique way, user friendly and has in-built advanced features. The users always look for the best and they prefer to choose online supermarket app that can provide an ultimate shopping experience and by delivering products on time with the best quality and desirable output.

An Overview to On-Demand Grocery Shopping App

The Custom Grocery Mobile App serves almost all the grocery items to its users. Using this app, one can make selection using their smartphones or tabs at their fingertips. It is almost like a virtual supermarket. We have the option to search items with the nearest locality, store, units etc. There are no additional charges availed from the users. This can help us to solve all problems related to grocery shopping since it’s a truly simplified and convenient process.

User Registration

The user can start using this grocery mobile app by registering with their details (Name, Contact number, email id etc.).

Select Locality and set Hyper Market

We can select the preferred location to deliver the grocery items using this app.

List Categories/ Items

This is an option to list the items on the basis of various categories that we wish to purchase.

Search Products and View Results

The user can search for the desired product by certain valuable keywords and can view the results based on it.

Notifications related to offers and discounts

The user gets the notifications related to products i.e offers and discounts, whether the price of an item has increased or decreased, whether any additional products are added with more quality etc.

Add to Shopping List

After searching for the product and selecting the appropriate one, the same can be added to the shopping list.

Check out Process

This is the step wherein the user can order the items and proceed to purchase the items from the selected list by making the payment.

View Order Status

After the items are purchased, and till it is delivered to the user, they can view the status of the order i.e. they can check through their order number.

Order History

This is the process of viewing the ordered products in case if there are any requirements in future.

My Lists

Here, the user can view the selected items that are stored in the shopping cart.

Login Registration

User has to register with their details to login to the page. They have to enter their name, contact number, email id and register successfully.

Choose nearest Location

App has a feature to select the nearest locality and set your preferred hypermarket to get things delivered easily.

Add to Cart

Once the product to purchase is selected, then you have the option to add the items to cart so that it will remain there till the process of checkout.

Series of Products/divisions

Based on various categories of products available, we can easily choose a preferred item based on individual preferences and list items that we wish to buy.

View status of order

Once the items are purchased, you have the option to view its status with the help of the order reference number till its delivered at your doorstep.

Offers and Discounts Notification

The user can get notifications in their smartphone based on the latest offers and discounts that are available for various products. This helps the user to know about the discount rates for product.

Manage Products

Add new product listings, add additional costs, increase the number of quantity and other details related to inventory.

Category Management

Manage various categories which is classified based on vegetables, fruits, meats etc.

Manage Orders

Various orders received from the customer has to be properly managed. It includes the details of the user, their purchased product, location of delivery, payment details, order status etc.

Manage Customers

Monitor and manage all types of customers who are registered on the platform with their details. You can view, manage and edit the details.

Handle Payments

You can easily add your details for payment process and begin getting money for transactions related to online sales.

Notifications Management

Manage email, push and SMS alert settings for registered customers and store managers of various departments/section.

Benefits of an Online Grocery Delivery App

With the help of an online grocery delivery app, a user can easily select their preferred grocery items online and quickly add to their cart or proceed to checkout option.

Doctor Key Benefits

Simple Access and Usability

Grocery delivery app is really simple to use and you can easily select your preferred grocery items from a list of categories that are available.

Doctor Key Benefits

Great deals and rewards

You can avail great benefits and discount rates when you proceed to the checkout option. Its an added advantage which will attract users for grocery shopping.

Doctor Key Benefits

Convenient Shopping

You can experience the ease of shopping grocery items online. You can select your preferred items in a few clicks and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

Doctor Key Benefits

Variety of products to choose from

Users can choose their preferred items from a variety of categories that are available online and can make a selection by viewing the detailed description of the products and by reviewing feedback from previous customers.

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Product Reviews

You can easily view the product reviews from the previous customers who had shared their experience in purchasing the items. This helps you to gain a better understanding of the products.

Doctor Key Benefits


You can set notifications to get alerts about the products that you have added or deleted from your cart. You will also get to know about special offers and discounts for various products.

Recent works

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we search items based on the list of categories?

    Yes, the application has sort and filter option to view the items you want to select.

  • Can you change the order of items or categorize them as per your wish?

    Yes, that can be done easily. All you need to do is to drag the items around your shopping lists to change their order.

  • How can I manage items added to the shopping list?

    The items will be added to your cart. You can either change the quantity of each item and also it can be deleted.

  • Can we choose a preferred delivery time?

    Yes, the user has an option to choose the delivery time based on his convenience.

  • Can a store admin add a new product or item to the list?

    In admin panel we are providing an option for product management like adding, deleting the products, price etc.